Why Digital Marketing Is A Key Marketing Strategy?

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In the quest for business success, promotional professionals have deployed a plethora of marketing strategies, each aimed at garnering enough public interest for a brand and its services to make the business lots and lots of money. Business is way more altruistic now, and the traditional marketing strategy is slowly being replaced with a holistic marketing strategy that incorporates both traditional and digital marketing mediums. This article differentiates between the two types of marketing strategies, and why digital marketing is essential for any business which is hoping to succeed in the next normal.

Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies were most effective before the rise of the internet, which brought with it the possibility of digital marketing activities. A traditional marketing strategy would likely have included things like newspaper and magazine adverts, radio spots, flyers, posters, and word of mouth. These were the days when people spent more time interacting with one another in the real world.

Digital marketing strategies have become necessary because people aren’t hanging out at the mall anymore – they’re hanging out on social media websites and other digital platforms. To get their message in front of these people, brands need to deploy digital marketing tools like social media content, blog articles, direct mails, monthly newsletters, website marketing, etc.

Benefits Of Going Digital

Here are three motivations for why digital marketing is a key marketing strategy:

  1. Social Distancing

    With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us indoors, more and more people have rediscovered the safety of the homestead, and are now choosing to work from home (WFH) by their thousands. We’re spending more time at home (on our devices) now than at any time in history, which means we’re less likely to see roadside billboards – and more likely to see ads in our social media news feed.

  2. Traditional Is Dead

    Well, not entirely. Traditional marketing isn’t dying, but countless people are calling for its execution. This is largely because traditional methods of marketing, like print media and television, are either non-sustainable and – in some cases – bad for the environment, or they are simply too expensive for any SME to afford.

  3. The Future Is Digital

    The WFH and IoT (Internet of Things) movements are slowly but surely sealing the world’s future with a digital seal. Think about what we can do on our electronic devices today that we couldn’t do a mere 10 years ago. We’re digitalising every aspect of human existence, and in this digital-first future brands will need to get with the “new normal” of business promotion (which is going to be digital marketing).

Digital marketing is, without a doubt, the most important thing business should be focusing on moving into 2021.

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