Why digital marketing can be a business lifeline?

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‘Business as usual’ is now ‘business unusual’ and our way of life has fundamentally changed. No longer can we get together with our friends and family for Sunday lunch or drinks on Friday night. Hanging out at restaurants and coffee shops ‘just because’ has become a thing of the past – at least for the foreseeable future.

The adoption of digital marketing has become increasingly widespread over the last number of years, however there was still a very definite place for traditional marketing such as magazine advertising. Now, with many well-known magazine brands – such as Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure and Good Housekeeping closing their doors – owing to the temporary closure of printing companies, distribution channels and the drying up of advertising, the question has to be asked if whether or not traditional marketing will survive.

A creative adoption of digital marketing

The businesses which have suffered most during the shutdown as a result of COVID-19 are those companies who rely on face-to-face interactions with customers in order to sustain them. Think about the shops that you’d typically find in a mall, for example, speciality boutiques and restaurants.

These establishments have traditionally relied on foot traffic to get customers in the door and buying. With most big chains making the transition seamlessly from traditional to digital marketing thanks to their sizeable budgets, small entities have had to find creative ways of making use of digital marketing channels – such as social media – in order to leave an impact on audiences.

How the restaurant industry is using digital marketing

One sector of the marketing, whose adoption of digital marketing we are really excited about is the restaurant industry. Many of these businesses are built on the reputation of the head chef so they’ve taken this well-established brand and have used this brand voice in order to communicate with their customers – both existing and potential.

For example, a lot of chefs are turning to YouTube and are putting together channels where they showcase how to make the recipes that made them famous. By doing this, they engage their followers and get them interacting with the brand. They ultimately become loyal brand advocates and lifelong customers.

There are many more examples out there of people cleverly using digital marketing to increase brand awareness.

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