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Each year, thousands of start-ups are launched. Each one of them entering into the market has an instinct that their idea will transform the world by offering solution to a respective problem. However, on reflection, things don’t actually take place as assumed in reality. Won’t it be wiser on each start-ups part to gather trustworthy data prior to actually making getting into the market?

Only those start-ups who enter the market with reliable data to support their business idea actually are able to achieve the next level of success. This is as the valuable data so collected offers a clear picture to the start-up about how far the mooted idea could provide solution to the problems of consumers and will it have any takers, if at all, when launched in the market?

Doing your own market research on a frequent basis is essential for keeping up with current market trends as well as maintaining a competitive edge. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or developing new products, conducting market research is essential. It helps you to understand your target market, increase sales as well as spearhead business growth.

What is Market Research?

The term ‘market research’ can be described as the action of gathering, analysing as well as interpreting information in order to help solve marketing challenges. We utilise market research for a number of reasons, it assists us to make educated decisions, for example, in determining the feasibility of launching a new product before devoting time and budget into the new venture.

Market research is an essential element when creating your marketing strategy. When done correctly it can assist to enlighten your marketing activities – such as understanding the requirements of your target audience, assisting with understand what fundamental messages you should convey and how to communicate them.

It should be treated as a constant activity – you should always be learning about your competitive environment, your customers and their needs as well as preferences. The environment is constantly changing so it’s important that you make sure you are researching it and understand what factors are changing that could impact on your marketing plans.

What Are The Advantages Of Lean Market Research?

Lean User Experience (UX) design is a standard for constant improvement which relies on quick, efficient research in order to understand customer needs as well as test new features.

Lean market research can assist you to become more:

  • Efficient: It allows you to get closer to your customers, in a much faster way.
  • Cost-effective: There is no need to hire an expensive marketing firm to get things started.
  • Competitive: Quick, powerful insights can place your products on the cutting edge

Without market research we are reliant on instinct as well as anecdotal information to make key business decisions. This is not always accurate.

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