What leadership skills do project managers need?

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The overall success of any project is dependent upon, to a significant extent, on the leadership skills that a project manager exhibits. Just as with most other enterprises in a company, a project is not likely to be finished successfully if there is no competent leader.

Issues such as project time management, budget, resource allocation as well as the promise of high-quality results necessitate that project managers have excellent leadership skills. This assists with ensuring that the project managers are making correct in addition to informed decisions while simultaneously responding to the changing nature of projects and tackling risk factors properly.

While some people are lucky enough to possess leadership qualities naturally, there are some leadership skills which need to be obtained over time. These are skills which can come in handy when it comes down to delivering projects.

#1 Leadership skill: Communication skills

The term ‘communication skills’ refers to the ability to convey information to another person effectively as well as efficiently. Project managers who have good verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills assist with facilitating the sharing of information between people within a project team for its commercial benefit.

#2 Leadership skill: Team management skills

Team management skills refers to the ability of a project manager to administer as well as coordinate a team in order to perform a task. Team management includes teamwork, communication, objective setting in addition to performance appraisals.

‘Team management’ also refers to the ability to identify problems as well as resolve conflicts within a team. There are a number of methods as well as leadership styles which a project manager can take in order to increase staff productivity and build an effective team.

#3 Leadership skill: Delegation

Developing delegation skills is an important aspect to a project manager’s success.  Delegating a task to a subordinate or another member in your team does not mean handing over responsibility. This is because it was the delegator’s decision, in the first place, to assign this task to another person.

Establishing and cementing good delegation skills can occasionally be a challenge for project managers.  Managers who are new to a team must first gain the understanding and trust of others.  At the end of the day, the objective of delegation is to have the work done by someone else in the team.  Delegating, as a practice, will create a more efficient as well as effective team.  Some of the other positive aspects of delegation include:

  • A larger distribution of skills throughout the group
  • Load-levelling of work within the group
  • Creating an environment where motivation thrives

#4 Leadership skill: Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills assist you with determining the source of a problem as well as finding an effective solution. Although problem-solving is frequently identified as its own distinct skill, there are other related skills which contribute to this ability.

Some key problem-solving skills include:

  • Active listening
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Dependability
  • Decision making

Problem-solving skills are essential in every single career at every level. As a consequence, effective problem solving may also necessitate one to have industry or job-specific technical skills . For example, a digital marketer will need active listening and communication skills when interacting with clients but will also require effective technical knowledge related to SEO, social media and the other aspects of digital marketing.

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