What Is The Role Of Direct Mail In Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Direct mail is a super important part of any digital marketing strategy. Without it, you’re skipping over important touchpoints and losing out on significant ROI. Incorporating direct mail into their digital marketing strategy has allowed many retailers to increase the number of post-purchase touchpoints as well as drive between a 10 and 15% increase in performance.

No marketing channel should happen in a silo. Direct mail is no exception to this. And while digital marketers have mastered wrapping these digital tactics together into one unified marketing strategy, far fewer have integrated direct mail into their digital strategy.

Why Do Direct Mail Marketing And Digital Work So Well Together?

Digital marketing is a very broad category. It includes email, paid search, social media, SEO, advertising and a whole lot more. Direct mail marketing is a bit narrower — it’s all mail sent to your physical mailbox — but it can be done in a number of different ways. Think letters, postcards, catalogues as well as coupons.

No marketing channel should happen in a silo and direct mail is no exception. And while digital marketers have gotten the hang of wrapping all these digital tactics together into one cohesive strategy, far fewer have succeeded in integrating direct mail with their digital marketing strategy.

Combining direct mail, however, makes your entire marketing strategy more powerful and opens up new avenues to drive, retarget as well as retaining leads.

How To Coordinate Direct Mail And Email Campaigns

When executed properly, combining direct mail and email may lead to response rates which are more than double the usual results. This could really impact your ROI. When beginning your campaign, it’s very important to send direct mail to first prospects.

A week after prospects get the letter, follow up with an email. Go on following up through email up to four times for each of the printed mail pieces.

Also, don’t forget to put together a strong call to action (CTA) for each of your marketing pieces. Readers need to feel a true sense of urgency so that they respond to your offer immediately. Test different CTAs in both your email as well as direct mail pieces in order to determine which provides the best results.

Digital Marketing And Direct Mail Strengthen Your Omnichannel Marketing

The more touchpoints that you meet your customers at, the more likely they are to convert or make a purchase. While there’s no magic number of customer touchpoints, studies show it often takes between 7 and 13 touchpoints (or more) in order to make a sale or obtain a qualified lead.


Why not make some of those customer touchpoints physical? Neuroscience demonstrates that physical objects advance memory as well as d increase recognised value, making a direct mail marketing strategy a great way to bolster your omnichannel marketing strategy.

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