What is the psychology behind visual marketing?

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Visual content is among top digital marketing trends today. It’s everywhere, stimulating online growth as well as audience engagement for brands. So, it comes as no surprise that most content marketers consider visuals required content for their visual marketing strategies to succeed.

As consumers in today’s modern age, we don’t often put much thought into the advertisements we see, let alone measure why they’re persuasive or are not. Some ads connect with us on a highly personal level so that we don’t think twice before we purchase the product that it’s selling. Others are just background noise in our daily lives which we find easy to switch off from.

The idea behind visual marketing

If you think that the notion of visual marketing is as straight forward as finding an image and then utilising it on your social media channels, you are sorely mistaken as any image won’t. It’s important to create as well as follow the concept of visual marketing because 37% of marketers reported that visual marketing was undoubtedly the most effective form of content marketing for their company.

According to a study which was carried out by Stanford University, in the human brain there is something called ‘visual perception’. Using this sense, the brain examines the surroundings and then makes a guess determination based on the past experiences of the same surroundings. Thus, it is important to understand what image has to be utilised and if this is not used we might give out the wrong message to our target audience. However, what is good for one person might not trigger the same response in another person.

Why visuals are important in marketing

If there’s one aspect that digital marketers can all agree on – irrespective of the subject matter – it’s the status of visuals in marketing. Social media platforms such as Instagram have opened the door for all types of brands to promote their products and/or services in a manner which is visually engaging.

Owing to the short life of every post on social media, it’s vital to get the very most out of each advert. If it’s a photo, video or an Instagram Story ad, you have a very short window to win over your consumers and in the process persuade them to take action.

How to choose the right visuals

People tend to respond to a specific image as it has an effect on them on a particular personal and/or emotional level. This means that it is important to reach as well as entertain your target market on social media channels by using the right visual content.

First, ensure that the image which you’re sharing is relevant to the message that you wish to deliver. This includes having the correct colour palette as it also speaks to the reader. You should be able to prompt positive emotional response in your customer’s mind every time. In addition, keep in mind not to include religion, race as well as politics in your images because ideas about these subjects can vary.

As an example, if you are an SEO blogger and you promote your articles using food blogger images  you are not serving the correct message to your target market. Be sure to always ensure that the visuals you use are simple, attractive as well as relevant.

If you’re like most go-getting brands today, you will be constantly looking for guidance on how to grow your target. Progressive visual marketing is a method that is proven for connecting with your consumers on an emotional level if this is done correctly.

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