What is the best way to develop and present creative work?

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There is much to contemplate in deciding on an appropriate presentation method for creative work in a marketing environment. In deciding on your presentation method, you must take into account a number of key aspects. These include the facilities which are available to you by way of:

  • Visual aids,
  • Sound systems, as well as
  • Lights

Clearly, you cannot use facilities which are not available. If you are told by your marketing manager that you will need to present your creative work without a projector, you will need to decide on a method which works without the use of slides.

Become more experienced in giving presentations

More experienced presenters of creative work will be more in touch with their own weak points. Given this information, they will be able to tailor their preparation and style to suit what they’re presenting.

However, few people can give a presentation of their creative work without notes. Even the most experienced speakers will often have at least some form of notes to jog their memory which will assist their presentation.

Be super familiar with your topic

As a rule, the more that you know about the topic that you’re speaking of, the less you will need to do detailed preparation. You can simply have an outline of what you want to say, with some brief reminders. As you’re the producer of your creative work, this won’t be a problem!

The importance of a great marketing presentation

In marketing, the importance of presentation can’t be denied. It means the difference between getting attention or languishing without an audience. Effective, successful presentation in marketing is the goal of every marketing expense spent and every marketing concept and campaign.

Marketing presentation extends beyond the ad campaign to the product packaging and service delivery. A great marketing campaign stirs interest in a product, but if it is packaged unattractively and customers don’t want it because of that, the presentation has failed.

Behind every effective marketing, presentation is a great message. A powerful marketing message makes the presentation easy, whereas a muddled, unclear or incorrect message makes developing the presentation difficult. In the modern, super-competitive advertising environment cluttered with paper, audio and electronic media, the message is the foundation of the presentation that is required to grab attention, build brands and capture sales.

Today, the Internet, social media, and electronic media have exponentially expanded marketing’s reach and the importance of marketing presentation. Identifying target customers and demographics isn’t enough anymore. Creating relevance, relationships and experiences are required for effective marketing presentations and must be done with a variety of platforms.

Marketing presentations must be memorable to be the most effective. The goal is to create a marketing presentation that is memorable without being offensive or controversial. Modern marketing must compete for attention from people who have short attention spans, little time and overloaded schedules, making a memorable presentation key to any marketing effort.

What are the elements of a good creative presentation?

Structure your presentation

Much like how you go about constructing a roadmap, a phenomenal presentation starts with the big picture and then narrows down into the particulars. Begin with the “why”. Distribute your strategic goals before you jump into a more detailed explanation of “how” as well as “what.”

Be concise

If you are unable to communicate your roadmap concisely, then you probably haven’t refined a clear-enough product strategy. Make the take-homes from your presentation obvious. Avoid wordy presentation slides and make sure that your verbal communication is clear and direct.

Anticipate objections

Be prepared to respond to concerns about why certain initiatives are being pursued over others. This goes back to knowing your market as well as using a rigorous prioritisation framework. If your methods are genuinely robust and data-driven, then you should have no problem justifying your priorities to stakeholders.

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