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Project management solutions come in varying shapes and sizes – each helping to make the life of a modern project manager a whole lot easier. Whether you’re a freelancer, or you’re managing projects for your employer, investing in a tool to help you cope with the demanding projects is a good idea. This article takes a look at the differences between online and offline project management, unveils a few amazing industry tools, and offers an exciting course that any aspiring project manager should look into.

Online Vs. Offline Project Management

A distinction should be made between online project management and offline project management. The latter refers to project management activities that occur in the real world—for example, driving a team of promotion staff to in-store product activations. Online project management, as the name suggests, is involved with the internet-based project management activities. For example, it is using an internet-based management tool to keep track of every project management activity that takes place.

The Tool To Rule Them All

One tool that is by far the best at making the life of a project manager much easier is an online project management platform. These cloud-based tools allow managers to keep track of every single task, and allows for team collaboration on the platform at any time and from anywhere in the world. An internet-based project management solution like this is critical to managing budgets, time, and scope constraints effectively.

A few internationally popular project management software include:

  • Monday.com

This platform’s ease of use means it is flexible enough for rapid onboarding, and it allows a project manager to customise workflows as they see fit. It also offers powerful productivity tools like time tracking, automatic notifications, timelines, and it integrates with other programs.

  • Wrike

Project management is also largely concerned with reporting, whether it’s to upper management or a client. Wrike is a project management tool that offers amazing team collaboration and real-time reporting capabilities – with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and others.

  • AceProject

As one of the pioneering project management tools, AceProject gives professionals in the field exactly what they need to keep projects on budget and schedule, with intricate expense-tracking features and a Time Clock. Though a bit outdated compared to others, this tool is still widely used by project managers in the industry.

  • Procore

This tool takes project management refinement to a whole new level. Procore can create detailed schedules, manage submittals, change orders, log activities daily, cost jobs, and can effortlessly integrate with both the MS Project and Sage Timberline Office platforms.

Many organisational projects involve some form of public relations, and promotional projects almost always involve the media in some way.

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