What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

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Multi-channel marketing is a marketing strategy which is based on the idea that customers are more likely to purchase when they are able to use their favourite channel. For instance, a shop may offer both online and offline options for different customers in order to maximise the number of sales.

Your multi-channel marketing strategy may include channels like your website, social media, e-mail, live chat but also sales from your offline stores, catalogues and phone orders. With respect to multi-channel marketing, all these options are equally feasible if they all lead to sales.

Multi-Channel Marketing Is About Choice

Customers are able to pick the channel which they would like to use. It also about the collaboration of the channels. Potential customers should have a simple way of switching to a different channel and they shouldn’t have to start the whole process afresh when they do.

As the number of channels rises, marketers must adapt as well as remain accessible to their potential customers. Marketing across a number of different channels is all about giving the consumer a choice about interacting with the business when and where they want.

How To Create A Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

The primary step in managing all of the moving parts is to establish a single view of the customer. Businesses with a single customer view are able to track customers, communications as well as purchases across channels. This gives the company the opportunity to determine a prospect’s preferences and provide them with a more personalised marketing experience.

Prospects change and grow over time. As a result, your business must be responsive as their needs and goals change when they move through your marketing funnel. Maintaining a single view of the customer lets businesses be responsive by tracking customer data over time.

Now that you know what your prospects prefer, you need a way to implement those preferences quickly into your marketing campaign. Your business must be able to run a campaign on multiple channels all from a single place. Doing so gives you easy access to things like campaign management, advanced analytics, response attribution, and digital marketing.

This high-impact sales approach provides customers with a fully integrated shopping experience and, as marketing experts are fully aware, this can lead to positive brand image as well as higher retention rates. Whether the customer is engaging with a brand on social media, shopping on their mobile device, or just browsing in a brick-and-mortar store, their experience should be consistent and seamless.

Focus On The Customer

Keeping your strategy focused on the customer assists with ensuring an overall positive brand experience, regardless of the platform which is used. Customers would like to feel a personal connection with the brands which they use on a regular basis. So, by focusing on their wants and

needs, marketers are able to develop messaging, recommendations, and sales strategies which will resonate with their customer base.

The most efficient multi-channel marketing strategies also function to make sure that their customers receive that same positive experience and messaging through each and every channel. This means brands should not send the same marketing messages across all mediums.

Using multi-channel marketing is just one thing that a great marketer needs to have in their arsenal of tools.

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