What is brand differentiation?

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Brand differentiation is very important in the competitive market where every day more and more new products are coming into the market. The organisations have to bring new concepts of branding in order to differentiate themselves from others.

In today’s worldwide market, competition is very fierce. Therefore, every business strives to differentiate its brand from the rest of the pack. That is, everybody is trying to make their brand unique. If the companies want to be successful, then they have to do honest brand appraisals, otherwise the same type of brands will come into the market again and again.

In terms of branding, differentiation can be associated with any combination of the following:

  • From the physical features of your product or service,
  • To the emotional response which your brand prompts,
  • Facets of its presentation, its price point such as very high or very low,
  • Your brand story, as well as
  • Even user experience of your brand in general.

How to differential your brand

There are many ways om which it is possible for you to differentiate your brand. The skill lies in developing as well as applying the most effective brand differentiation strategy in a way which appropriately reflects your brand’s personality, values, promise, way of doing things in addition to key characteristics.

Therefore, those products will be able to capture the market and will not vanish within two to three years after being launched. Branding strategy includes package designing as well as developing the brand identity.

Develop an efficient brand strategy

An effective brand strategy can build a successful brand which will differentiate the company from its rivals. Appealing packaging, especially in the food business, is required to reach the customers and send the right brand messages to them.

Have a Distinctive Logo

A logo is a basic branding tool which enables people to instantly recognise your business.

Have a Precise Target Market

This is a crucial aspect of a USP. Is your product aimed at women, men, people in their 20s, seniors, students, techies, or weekend athletes? Some products or services are more precisely targeted than others, but the more you can narrow it down, the more you can differentiate yourself.

Maintain a Consistent Image

In order to emphasise your USP, you want to maintain a consistent voice or image in all of your marketing and communications. For example, if some of your promotions are light-hearted in addition to being humorous while others are conservative and formal, you are sending a mixed message. Developing a distinctive personality is part of becoming recognisable and unique.

Emphasise Your USP

A USP should be fundamental to your business’ identity. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to mention it frequently, especially in all of your marketing efforts. It may even be part of your logo or official slogan. The point is that if you have found a powerful USP, you want to let everyone know about it.

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