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Digital marketing has become one of the most cost-effective and popular forms of marketing over the past few years.  Every business is being marketed online and people are completing more digital marketing courses than ever before.  Whether you call this new marketing buzz online marketing, internet advertising, they’re all one and the same – digital marketing.

There are many aspects to digital marketing such as SEO, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, website marketing and blogging.  Achieving a digital marketing qualification will set you up to kickstart a career in this exciting industry.  Along with the boom in digital marketing, companies also need a professional approach to analysing their customer preferences and expectations across all digital channels – hence the need for a digital marketing professional.

A digital marketing strategy is executed exclusively through digital channels and more often than not organisations prefer to place their digital marketing needs in the competent hands of a person who has achieved a digital marketing qualification.

Types of digital marketing courses

Digital media is an ever-growing advertising medium that consumers are exposed to on a daily basis.  For example, social media has become an extremely persuasive platform where consumers have instant access to information.

By completing a digital marketing course, you can become an industry leader and dramatically increase your career opportunities.

The most important types of courses in this field are digital marketing course, advanced digital marketing course and a social media marketing course.  It’s a good idea to get a qualification in all three as a career in the digital world is likely to cover a broad range of digital marketing capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at these three popular courses.

  • Digital marketing course – The basic digital marketing course will lay the foundation for all facets of digital marketing and covers the basic principles of digital marketing. This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about digital marketing.
  • Advanced digital marketing course – This advanced course will take your knowledge of digital marketing to an advanced level and you’ll learn how to develop and execute a successful digital marketing strategy. An advanced course will cover a wider range of relevant advanced subjects of digital marketing.
  • Social media marketing course – It’s highly recommended due to the massive increase in social media use for almost everyone involved in business to complete a social media marketing course. With the digitalisation of everything, it’s highly advantageous to know how to market on all social media channels.

What does a digital marketing course entail?

  • Develop a digital marketing strategy – The key to solid, consistent and successful digital marketing to develop a strategy which brings together all the elements of digital marketing and a plan of execution is created.
  • Content creation – Content is king, and this applies to digital marketing even more so than any form of marketing.
  • Copy writing – Knowing how to write for your target audience is vital to digital marketing.  Your campaigns must know how to speak to your audience and above all else, understand and know your audience too.
  • Content marketing – how to design compelling, unique and shareable content for different kinds of target markets.
  • How to set goals – It’s important to understand the objectives of your digital marketing strategy in order for it to succeed.
  • Data driven techniques – Learn how to make smart use of data to drive online marketing and track your customer journey.
  • Search engine optimisation – An important part of digital marketing is learning how to optimise your website to rank higher using on-page and off-page SEO techniques.  This includes understanding how keywords are used to drive traffic.
  • Paid (PPC) – Create, manage and analysing paid for advertising is an important feature of digital marketing, as well as knowing how to design search and display advertising on Google’s ad platform
  • Social media management – Knowing how to create social media marketing campaigns on different social media channels and curating all the content is a must.
  • Email marketing campaigns – how to design an effective email, segment your audience base and optimise your email marketing for performance.
  • Mobile marketing – How to use your target market user behaviour to create mobile marketing advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis – Being able to effectively analyse campaign stats is crucial in order to optimise them for achieving the best possible results.

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