What Career Options Are There In Digital Marketing?

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Most journeys of learning, like the one you’re probably considering right now, start with a vision – where the person about to embark on an educational adventure sees themselves in a specific role or position. In other words, those that study copywriting likely saw themselves as hot-shot copywriters before looking into the field and seeing what is required in terms of qualifying. If you know that you want to study digital marketing, but you’re not sure where you see yourself fitting into the marketing team, these digital marketing career options might help you decide:

– Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer is someone skilled at harnessing the power of social media to get brand content into the eyes of targeted audiences. They manage social media activities that often include designing social media graphics, writing copy for social media posts, scheduling posts, and responding to followers who reach out to the business. Social media marketers are also responsible for growing the brand’s online communities.

– Search Engine Optimiser

Search engine optimisation (SEO) practitioners are specialised digital marketers who work with the business’s website and how it interacts with the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) customers use to browse the internet. There are countless boxes to tick for good SEO, and many search engine wranglers love the challenge that comes with dominating the search results pages for as many search terms as possible.

– Digital Strategist

A digital strategist is a more over-arching role in the digital marketing team. They are responsible for driving the business’s digital marketing and public relations success, with a clearly defined strategy that the entire organisation can get behind. This role is one that would require some experience, and is certainly one any digital marketer can strive towards should a role in management interest them.

– Mobile Marketer

Mobile marketers are primarily concerned with the mobile side of the brand experience customers have when interacting with the business via their mobile phones. They ensure that the organisation can send value-driven messages to customers conveniently on their mobile devices, through SMS marketing and targeted PPC advertising campaigns. This role is going to become more and more sought-after as we move in the “next normal”.

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