What are the principles of sales management?

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If you’re a sales manager, you’ll be in a position of leadership in addition to responsibility. It will be necessary for you to juggle the objectives, needs as well as ambitions of both the company and your team. This is while you’re recognising the distinctive makeup of each of your different sales reps, in other words their strengths, weaknesses as well as ways of best being developed.

In addition, as a sales manager, the behaviours in addition to the philosophies you engage in as wells as espouse will be a model for your team members. This is especially those who are new hires (even more so if they’re totally new to sales). As part of the process of leadership by example, consider using the following four principles as a starting point for your management style.


This is perhaps the most essential principle to adopt. Irrespective of your management philosophy, it is necessary for you to be in following through with the rules in addition guidelines that you establish. It is important to note that consistency doesn’t mean inflexibility. There will often be times when a little bit of flexibility is vital for your team’s morale.


As a sales manager, it is impossible for you to do everything yourself. In addition, micromanagement can lead to antipathy from your direct reports – especially your top performers. Yes, it is necessary for you need to manage however also be willing to give your team a degree of independence in addition to agency.

This give your sales reps the freedom to their very best work because it’s demonstrating trust on your part. This, in turn, assists with build team members’ trust in you. In addition it lets your reps have an ownership stake in their work as well as their career.


In addition, you need to treat everyone on your staff equally. The same standards as well as accountability must apply to everyone in a fair as well as even-handed manner. If this doesn’t happen, some salespeople may think that other reps are getting preferential treatment. While there may need to be adjustments in sales targets


One of the most challenging parts of being a sales manager is needing to face difficult choices as well as even tougher conversations. Whether it be letting someone go, needing to give criticism, or giving unwelcome sales-related news, sales is never all sunshine and roses.

Because of this, you will need to acquire the strength in order to be able to make these choices in addition to having these conversations as diplomatically as possible. However, make sure that you have empathy for what the recipients are going through. Firm but fair is important here. Attempting to avoid short-term pain and discomfort owing to a lack of courage can also result in even more disastrous long-term effects.

Dealing with a sales team is an endless, delicate balancing act of innumerable personalities as well as variables. However if you adhere to the four principles outlined above, you’ll have established the groundwork for an atmosphere of mutual trust in addition to accountability. Everyone will understand how things work in addition to the processes involved. This, in turn, will give your team the chance to be all that they can be.

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