What are digital marketing assets?

Assets that are synonymous with include emails, brochures, sales letters, blog posts, website content, videos and images. These pieces of content can be used in various types of marketing campaigns. This applies whether you’re talking about traditional media sources or digital marketing techniques.

The specific types of marketing assets you need are determined mainly by the type of marketing campaigns you intend to utilise. For example, when you’re talking about traditional advertising campaigns – which are intended for television or radio – video or audio content is usually used. Digital marketing, on the other hand, while using video and audio content at times, often relies heavily on written content in some form.

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Digital marketing assets

Your web presence is a digital business and marketing asset

In many instances, if you wanted to attempt to sell your business, the likely buyer would want to buy the digital assets of the business. These would form part of the sale.

In the digital world, your digital marketing assets are anything that creates visibility online. In addition, they help people find and do business with you. They include:

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Social media profiles and online advertising accounts

Domain registration

Your domain name is your online business address. You spend hours finding that perfect domain name that aligns with your business but then you have someone else register the domain on your behalf. If this happens to come to pass, chances very good that the person associated with the domain is them, not you.

To have anyone else hold that name is a disaster waiting to happen. If they control of your domain, they could hold you hostage. Or even worse, they could let your domain expire and not let you know. If this happens, you’ll have to try to recover the domain.

The domain registrars usually send a notice to those listed on the registration in advance of the domain expiring. If you aren’t on of those listed on the domain registration, you won’t be warned. If your domain expires and your website is unreachable, it doesn’t take long for Google to notice and remove your website from the search results.

DSM Digital school of marketing - digital marketing assets


You need to be careful about who builds your website and where it is hosted. (This is not as critical as your domain.)

There are two parts to any website:

  • Website hosting, and the
  • Website itself.

You website hosting is a rented property that houses your website. Many web developers re-sell hosting services as part of their business model. However, it is up to you if you want to host with them or get an end-user hosting account.

Host with the developer if you believe you will have a long-term relationship with then. Just be sure you have access to both the hosting account and the WordPress website as an administrator. You will want to move your website if anything happens to your relationship with the hosting provider. To do this you will need access as an administrator.

Often the web development firm will not give you access to the website. This is until you have paid for the work in full. That’s perfectly fine when all is well.  But if you have a dispute with the firm because they aren’t delivering what they promised or their work is not what you had expected, you will have trouble gaining access to the website in order to move it or fix it.

When it comes to the content of your website, you also need to have a backup in case anything happens. Website content includes your design, content management system and the content you create.

Social Media and Online Advertising

Technology companies understand the importance of security. When you create your profiles, you should not provide your personal login information to anyone. Most social media platforms that provide company-specific accounts allow you to add people as administrators without turning over your mail  password. The same holds true for your advertising accounts. All these digital marketing assets have (or should have) the ability for you to add managers to your profiles.

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