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The strange virus hit and we all went inside for a year. Well, we’re still inside, at least at the time of writing this article. Locked-down people across the globe have shifted the growth of online marketing and advertising like crazy, and brands who already have established pay-per-click campaigns are noticing an uptick in enquiries. Well, the ones that continued to optimise their campaigns, at least. With changing times come changing best-practices, and in order to keep reaping the rewards of online paid advertising through 2021, consider these ideas:

1. More Good Keywords

How many keywords form part of your current PPC campaigns? There is almost always room for improvement in this area of pay-per-click advertising. There are always adjectives to use or different ways to word the same things. Think about the different ways your customers might search for your products (what they type into the search bar) and add those phrases or words to your keyword collection.

2. Less Bad Keywords

Improving your PPC campaigns in 2021 is going to involve analytics, so get comfortable with assessing data and drawing conclusions. Look at your current keyword list’s performance and write down the five worst-performing keywords over the past year. It might hurt to do it but rather cut them from your campaign altogether. They clearly aren’t making much of a difference, and will only end up wasting your campaign budget.

3. Grow The Naughty Corner

When last have you added to your negative keyword list? Negative keywords are those phrases or keywords that your ads appear for – but have nothing to do with your industry or services/products. Look through the search phrases your ads have come up for that won’t lead to sales under any circumstances, and add them all to your negative keyword list. Again, your budget will thank you for it.

4. Greater Geo-Targeting

Did you specify specific geographic locations when first setting up your PPC campaign? If you leave this important section of the setup blank, the algorithm will assume you are hoping to target the entire country. This might lead to irrelevant enquiries from outside of your service radius and will end up costing you money for zero return. Start with a small radius, just around your business, and over time slowly grow this ring as your leads increase.

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