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Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has become the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future,  especially in the way we do business, we find ourselves having to evolve in terms of what the digital revolution has in store for all sectors of South Africa. This is deemed as an exciting time because the digital marketing industry has taken centre stage, and along with it brings the opportunities that can set a brand up to be financially empowered but also commercially sustainable as well.


Digital marketing is your growth bible – study it!

Digital marketing for business is like a 3-way relationship: Let’s use a religious analogy. Your chosen marketing strategy is your bible; your businesses’ ability to solve consumer problems is its prophecies, and your target market are the prophets—the individuals that you depend on to fulfil your business prophecies in the way you would expect. One of the principal factors that encompass an excellent strategy is utilising a focused approach, aimed towards your audience that can ensure your business can understand its audiences on an intimate level. Do you know which social platform your audience spends most of their time on?  Where do they like spending their money and why? Does your business understand consumer patterns? There’s no use applying your little marketing bible if you’re not willing to make it personal for your audience.

Understanding your audience made easy!

To understand your audience is one thing, but to implement your strategy is another. This is why analytics and adaptation come to the rescue. Analytics is basically your commercial bible’s next chapter. It comes in handy if you want to understand your consumers’ behaviours, their interests, their activities, and all that you can think of on an intimate level. By knowing this, you can ultimately draw them into wanting to know more about your business. Consumers don’t want to know what your products and services are. They want to know if their livelihood is your priority, which would interest them into buying what you have on offer. Make it about them and they’ll surely make it about you.

Hmm okay… but what if I want to improve my marketing strategy to make it cater more to the audience, but I simply don’t have the budget for it?”

Well, this is where the return on investment comes in. Marketplaces are vulnerable to change all the time, and that is why digital marketing makes it easier for your business to scan the effectiveness and results of the strategies you implemented through your budgets. If your business functions on budget limitations, large scale spending does not have to be your worry, as financial flexibility and impact are all under your control.

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