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The prospect of making a presentation fills some folks with dread, while others enjoy the experience. However you feel, introducing your work to an audience is an essential part of professional life for digital marketers. Presentations are an excellent way to talk directly to people who are interested in your field of work, to gather ideas to push your projects forward and to make valuable personal connections.

Face-to-Face Presentations

If most of your digital marketing and sales efforts are done by email or over the phone, review prospective customers you haven’t been able to crack and assess if the cost of an in-person meeting might be worth the prospective sales.

Face-to-face presentations allow you to get more personal, assess the body language of your peers, to show the products and use visual aids. Likewise, as you’re getting ready to circulate yet another employee memo or an email blast, consider if you’d make a larger impact if you called everyone together into a meeting to make the announcement. The questions as well as feedback you receive immediately go to the whole group.

Oral Presentation Suggestions

An oral presentation is more than simply reading a paper or set of slides to an audience. The way in which you give your presentation is just as important in successfully communicating your message as what you are saying. Use these hints to learn the straightforward tools that will assist you in preparing and presenting an effective presentation.

How to Prepare an Effective Presentation

An effective presentation is more than simply standing up and providing information. A presenter must think about how best to transmit the information to the audience. Use these tips to generate a presentation that is both informative and interesting:

Organise your thoughts

Begin with an outline and create good transitions between sections. Emphasise the real-world importance of your what you have to say.

Have a strong opening

Why should the audience listen in to you? One good way to attract their attention is to begin with a question, regardless of whether you expect an answer.

Define terms early on

If you’re using terms which might be new to the audience, introduce them as soon as possible in your presentation. Once an audience becomes lost in alien terminology, it is very difficult to bring them back on track.

Finish with a bang

Find one or two phrases that sum up the significance of your work. How is the world better off as a result of what you have done?

Time yourself

Do not wait until the last minute to time your presentation. You only have 15 minutes to speak, so you want to know, as soon as possible, if you are close to that limit.

Practise, practise, practise

The more you rehearse your speech, the more relaxed you will be in front of an audience. Practise in front of a friend or two and ask for their feedback. Record yourself and listen to it critically. Make it better and do it again.

There’s no worse feeling when you’re on stage, or in front of the board meeting, giving your information than when you are able to clearly watch your viewers’ eyes glaze over, see them begin to get bored and antsy and notice they’re not all that invested heavily in what you have to say. This means that you have to make sure that your presentation wows your audience starts at the very beginning.

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