Hacks to Lower Your Bounce Rates and Increase Web Page Dwell Time

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If you are a digital marketer you obviously know how important measuring bounce rates and dwell time on your websites are.

Ever wondered why people bounce off one page and some stick around on others?

Well, one of the most powerful reasons is human psychology.

Chances are a high click-through rate (CTR) might help you get higher rankings on the search results pages. However, only a high dwell time will support you in keeping those rankings.

This is how it works-when a user spends time going through your content, search engines see your page as a page that provides value.

And almost all cases, this is very true.

The trick is your content has to encourage them to stay.

Now; here’s the big question: how do you present the correct information on your website while ensuring you make it interesting enough for the user to stay and want to learn more?

This is the method used by most writers and content marketers who have mastered the art of human psychology.

This article teaches you of the psychological techniques which can be used to keep people on your page wanting more.

First, tell a story

Stories are one of the most memorable and enchanting human experiences. It starts from early infancy. Adults often use stories to connect with their young ones and also to paint a reality of sorts for them.

It’s these very stories that make us human.

Believe it or not, whether you take part in website SEO, whether you build houses, or if you fly to the moon. You are simply just creating stories.

So, why or how does storytelling work? 

Stories connect with some of the primary worries that mankind battles with daily, and history explains how they can be overcome.

Create lists of three

It’s a fact that people can remember a maximum of three things at a time.

Around the world, lists of three’s are used to memorise, places people and objects.

Look around, many things exist in the list of 3 to assists with better retention.

And so it’s been from the very beginning “The father, the son, and the holy spirit” including “the bad, the good, and the ugly. Then there’s the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary.

Create curiosity gaps 

So here’s another question: How do to make your content exclusive and keep your visitors from bouncing off your page?

The answer is the headline above. A curiosity gap saves the day in this case. It’s about giving your readers information in small pieces, then creating gaps in-between so they can to find out more.

Think of it logically; people learn and keep more information when they are curious.

So don’t bore them; keep them wanting more.

One other way of creating a curiosity gap is to make surprising claims at the beginning of your content.

For example:

  • Surprising statistics
  • Going against conventional wisdom
  • Exaggeration

Appeal to the emotions of your audience

Everyone has emotions. So this is an excellent place to start. For example, when someone is searching tips and tricks on how to go about losing weight, they are actually searching for ways to feel better about themselves.

Here’s the best news, if your business appeals to the right emotions, you will keep your readers from the beginning right to the end. A list of common emotions:

  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Trust
  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • Humour
  • Doubt
  • Anger

While crafting pieces of content, think of the emotions that are related to that specific topic, and then weave those emotions into your content.

Because encouragement as an emotion has the ability to keep any reader glued.


Making organic viewers stay on your website is worth much more than the facts you want to present. It’s all about the “How”.

Additionally, when visitors are hooked to your page it creates an opportunity to tell them more about your product or service.

As a result, search engines will see this as a positive signal and improve your pages rank in the search engine results page. (SERPs).

Not all of the techniques mentioned here today will work all the time.

Yet, you can always apply them where possible.

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