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When business owners hear the term ‘project management’, it’s also very easy to also hear ‘more work’. As a business owner and entrepreneur, time is your most precious resource. You’re accountable to your clients and employees for how you spend it.

However, project management doesn’t always mean working more, it means working smarter. It can mean delivering projects on deadline, the first time. It can mean streamlining the proofing process, cutting down on the back and forth and actually getting the work done – on budget. Even if you don’t implement particular project management practices, applying project management skills in your own business can lead to increased employee productivity as well as decreased costs.

Project management relies on a team in order to help initiate, execute as well as control a set of circumstances to attain an end goal. Being part of a project management team can mean that no single individual is solely responsible for a specific task.

How To Ensure That Your Project Management Skills Stand Out

  • Get your priorities straight.
  • Make sure that you work on your ability to influence through strong inter-and intra-personal relationships. This means that you need to hone your EQ.
  • Strengthen your servant leadership skills. Perhaps the best way for you to shine maybe by letting your team shine.
  • Maintain the team’s focus and adhere strictly to key deadlines.
  • Make learning a key part of the process and a business imperative.

Keep in mind that recognition for your individual efforts should never be the goal. At the end of the day, being the Most Valuable Player in project management means that you do your best to help the whole team achieve its goals by delivering on its promises on time.

Make Sure That Communication Is Tip-Top

One of the main responsibilities—and one of the most crucial—of a project manager is to communicate clearly as well as effectively with all stakeholders and team members. Make sure that you come up with a consistent communication plan for your project. This communication plan needs to identify all those who will need to stay up to date with, and planning out, different methods of reaching them:

  • Group meetings
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Email
  • Status reports
  • An open-door policy or “office hours” to talk about issues

Also, be sure to manage expectations by addressing any problems or concerns immediately that arise and present your stakeholders with an action plan for how you will handle the issues.

Nurture Your Relationships With Your Teammates

Now is the time for you to establish and nurture your relationships with your team members as well as upper management. You’ll be needing buy-in from all involved parties in order to move forward smoothly and troubleshoot when necessary.

Put together a working environment where stakeholders are comfortable to speak with you and feel that they’re being heard, acknowledged as well as appreciated. This means being approachable, accessible and transparent. And don’t stress about grand gestures: A simple coffee or lunch can go a long way.

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