How To Bring Authenticity To Your SMME’s Marketing Strategy

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Currently, when every business is centred around customer experience it has become extremely difficult for brands to stand out with their marketing strategies. This is very true when we talk about small businesses who are trying to find their way up and developing a marketing strategy.

Marketing for small businesses is becoming progressively more difficult. Customers are becoming tired of traditional paid as well as owned advertising. We’re living in the period of the customer experience. Exactly the same principles are applied when it comes to marketing.

Consumers want a brand which they can trust and are able to build a relationship with. They want to connect with brands and this means that small businesses have to consider spicing up their marketing strategy. Customers today want authenticity.

Here’s how to develop authenticity for your small business.

Have A Cause

One of the things which most appeals to consumers about a company they may do business with – and which they believe to be the most authentic – is the fact that a business aligns itself with a cause that is greater than itself as well as greater than the entire community. This demonstrates that your company is one that cares about more than merely profits, but that it cares about the human experience as well as about making the world a little bit better place.

Remain Raw And Unscripted

The absolute best way to demonstrate authenticity is to show a less-than-polished kind of your marketing campaign. Your message needs be ingrained in your DNA so that it should still come across even if the camera isn’t at the correct angle. Going live assists with this and has seen top-level returns in product sales. Clients will see that you’re not acting and that you truly believe in your offers.

Be Customer Conscious

Personalise your marketing techniques and marketing strategy to suit your customer. Show them you care about the experience that they have with your products. Even if you make mistakes, be responsible and also own it.

It will only boost the customers’ trust in you. Address all the feedbacks, both negative and positive, but do not react to it forcefully. Be quick and honest with your responses. Keep in mind that the response you give is an important factor that contributes to building your image.

Be Consistent With Your Messaging Across Social Media Channels

It’s not a secret that social media has changed the way in which brands communicate with customers. Social media channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok – are potent tools which can help you build relationships with people who are interested in your SMME’s product or services. Your brand messaging may be constant across all these channels. You have to be consistent with your words, images as well as tone of voice if you want your target audience in order to trust what you’re saying. Why should, for instance, potential consumers believe you if you send contradictory messages on social media?

Don’t forget to remember that social media is a two-way street. SMEs need to be engaging and respond quickly when individuals ask questions or have concerns about their product or service. This also assists to build trust.

It’s best to establish one voice for your brand across all your social media channels. It will assist you to communicate with people more personally. This is what authenticity is about: being real.

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