How NOT to work with PPC managers

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The thing is: pay-per-click advertising is a stressful area of digital marketing. There are countless factors at play every time a PPC ad goes live, and PPC managers are usually the ones to blame when things go wrong. It might be a relatively new branch of advertising, but PPC is an art that very few ever master. These rare individuals know what they’re doing, and what they need more than your money, or your social account access details is your trust. We’ve got a few tips for any brand considering a move into PPC advertising:

  • Don’t expect them to work miracles

Marketing isn’t a fool-proof lead generation solution. There are no guarantees; no 100% certainties. PPC managers might be on the ball like nobody’s business regarding the account setup and day-to-day housekeeping, but that doesn’t mean it will translate into success. Brands that hire PPC managers should understand that success will come – but it is likely not to come immediately.


  • Try not to become a super needy client

PPC managers aren’t aliens that have no idea what the world is like. They understand that this is your business and that – at least to some degree – your success relies on the success of the advertising tools you invest your advertising budget into. To save yourself tons of stress, don’t follow up with them every few minutes. Instead, schedule a weekly update meeting with your PPC manager.


  • Avoid keeping them in the dark

PPC managers need to build solid ad campaigns, but they can’t do that if they have no idea about your business and your brand. Remember: a PPC manager (even if a third-party service provider) should be seen as a business insider. They need to know what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and any technical jargon specific to your industry that they could use in your advertising content.

  • Don’t limit them to just Google

Too many PPC managers have heard this phrase: “We need you to run our Google advertising.” Businesses should know that Google isn’t the only PPC advertising platform available. Social media channels also allow for PPC adverts, and the more channels a PPC manager has to work with – the better.


  • Avoid telling them how to do their jobs

Many business owners, when first partnering with PPC managers, become Google warriors to find out exactly what they’re actually paying for by hiring a PPC specialist. However, to believe everything you see on Google would be extremely foolish. Not all PPC managers use the same techniques, and not all of them work in the same way. Let your PPC manager do their thing unhindered, and rather only use Google to verify any claims they make.

Pay-per-click is a fascinating combination of bidding and advertising, where the better advert comes out on top – whether on social media or a Google search results page.

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