How do Bloggers Fit into your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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To blog or not to blog… that is the question. When you consider that blogging increases your leads by 67%, gives you 97% more links to your website and a fantastic return on investment, the answer is definitely “To blog!” This is why it’s such a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

Your website is vital to your online marketing strategy. It is your business card on the Internet. It sells your company when you aren’t physically networking, following up on leads and closing sales. Therefore, your blog is as important. Now, whether you use external or internal bloggers, they help to get the job (reaching your digital marketing goals) done.

How bloggers fit into your digital marketing strategy

They help increase SEO and traffic to your site and blog

Most customers will find your website or blog by entering a question or search phrase into a search engine. For example, ‘How do bloggers fit into your digital marketing strategy’. Therefore, you need to have a good SEO ranking so your customers can find you online.

Bloggers (internal or external) help you achieve this by posting regular, high-quality blogs on your website or even on theirs. They use relevant keywords and relevant content to ensure your customers can find you online.

This means that the person putting together the content calendar needs to have done thorough keyword research as this information will inform what topics they assign to bloggers. A list – of about 20 – keywords and long-tail keywords needs to be developed that need to be incorporated into each blog post. This is so that Google will pick up that your site is relevant to these keywords and when people search for these keywords the search engine will rank your site highly in the SERPs. (A good idea would be to do an SEO course to get more familiar with keyword research.)

You can partner with them

If you are using an external blog to boost your business, look for ones with similar audiences to the ones reading your blog. You can partner with bloggers by agreeing to link to each other’s websites, products etc. You can even get bloggers to review your products and services and vice versa. Whether you use this as a paid or unpaid exercise, partnering with the right bloggers is very lucrative.

As another method of getting your website ranked highly, look at your page rank. The higher this value is the better your chance is of getting ranked on the first page of Google. One of the best ways of increasing your page rank – which is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy – is to develop a link-building strategy whereby relevant blogs link to you and you link relevant pages, on your site, to each other.

You can use them as consultants

Bloggers are expert at creating content that sells. They know how to reach and target their audiences, and they will have many valuable insights into the world of blogging. Therefore, use those insights to build your blog. If you don’t want to go the external blogger route, get the best of the best to give you tips and tricks. So, if you have writers block when it comes to developing your content calendar, why not turn to your bloggers for guidance in terms of new and fresh ideas that will liven up your content offering. As a fresh pair of eyes, they will have the best insights. You’ll be surprised at what they can contribute!

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