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Marketing offers every business a ridiculous amount of benefits, limited only by the gumption and resources of the business itself. However, there’s one question that gets asked more than any other around the boardroom tables: how will digital marketing improve profit generation? Digital marketing, when done well, offers excellent returns on investment – especially when compared to traditional marketing practices. Let’s take a look at four digital marketing activities any business can deploy to influence their bottom line:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As the fastest method of generating income, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves showing text and image ads on search engines (like Google), and paying a set fee for each click the advert generates. If this advert clicks through to a product page on a website, there’s a good chance they might make a purchase. Rather than waiting for people to find your website, PPC ads create a direct link between the search engine and your products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is able to generate a considerable number of leads over time, and only requires minimal investment – usually when first starting the optimisation process. Search engine optimisation aims to have your website appear atop a search engine results page when someone searches the internet for services or products like those offered by your company. Where PPC ads appear on the top of Google, your other website pages can appear “organically” below these ads, through search engine optimisation.

Email Marketing

Still boasting some of the craziest returns on investment out of all marketing activities, email marketing has proven its value and worth time and time again for countless businesses. Yet another lead-generating spoke in your businesses marketing mix wheel, email is most effective in turning previous clients into returning clients. This is because email marketing messages must be sent to a database of existing email addresses, and the only way to build a database of customer emails is to ask them.

Social Media Marketing

A must-have marketing mix addition is social media marketing, where more and more people are spending more and more of their time since the introduction of sweeping international lockdowns at the start of 2020. Social media also allows for pay-per-click advertising, where the adverts appear as “sponsored” posts in the newsfeeds of targeted audience members. Not only does social media assist with profit improvement, but it also aids to build a strong brand around the business.

Excellent marketing executed excellently has no choice but to generate increased profits, and understanding the fundamentals and practical aspects of effective digital marketing will enable any graduate or business owner to execute great marketing campaigns.

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