Effectively Using Paid Search When Blogging

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Paid Search is a great source to get the right kind of traffic to your blog. Effectively using paid search means you’re spending money to add value to the time spent blogging, which in turn increases the stakes. Here is a guide on how to use paid search to market your blog posts and get fruitful results.

Paid Search for marketing blogs

You are using keywords

When publishing a new post select only specific keyword phrases. This is a must-use tactic for every post. Avoid using a broad keyword because these keywords are expensive Per Click.

Use keywords that are not largely used, however, make sure that they are relevant to your content. Add keywords that have less than a thousand monthly global searches and even less in your local country.

Google AdWords makes picking keywords a lot simpler with the Keyword Planner. The first step will be to enter your posts URL, and Google will suggest ad group ideas as well as keyword ideas for campaigns. From your keywords and the suggested ones, you can build your campaigns.

Creating Ads

When creating ads make sure they are simple, to-the-point and have a strong call-to-action.  Create a catchy title that describes precisely what the post is about. Then, in the description, explain what the main benefit is for the potential reader. Write the narrative as an offer to the individual looking at the ad.

Use Google Search Only

When setting up a campaign choose Google Search only as the default setting. This means that Google shows your ads in both search and on its content network. At this point focus on just, the paid search part of AdWords.

Analyse Your Data And Optimise Accordingly

The saying that states ‘the proof is in the pudding’ comes to play here as you will see the types of ads and kinds of content that perform best on Google AdWords and other networks. This means that you will have to create specific content based on your learnings.

The digital-savvy world has made searching for information on Google such a natural thing that we don’t think about it but merely do it. The advantage here is that for many search results, paid ads take up the majority of what’s above the fold.

Keywords Bidding

Do blogs that are similar to yours have a lot of traffic on Google?

The next step would be to target those blogs’ brand names with the ads you use to send traffic to your blog.

Be the first among the rest as most bloggers still haven’t caught on and do not use AdWords to promote their blog posts. This means that you won’t get a lot of competition for the ads on their brand-related blog keywords.

When you publish an ad with your competitors’ brand term, the searchers will see your relevant post and go to your blog post instead of the blog that belongs to your competition.

The use of paid search is not the first thing bloggers think about when it comes to promoting their blog content. Using paid search gives you an advantage over the competition.

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