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The pandemic year that was 2020 taught business one thing: future-proofing a business in the modern digital era means embracing and expediting its digital transformation. As if divinely ordained, the technology that will enable the work-from-home (WFH) revolution is already here. Digital transformation is a business movement that aims to achieve higher efficiency, better reliability, and lower costs through the adoption of digitalisation. Here’s the reason why digital transformation is so important for the next-normal business, how connectivity is the linchpin of digitalisation success, and how Wi-Fi 6 is going to ensure we can all transform digitally:

The importance of digital transformation

How do we know that digital transformation is important? Well, we know that it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry, and is expected to grow to US$7.4 trillion by 2023. We also know that investment into digital transformation is growing at a rate of 17.5% per annum. This figure is expected to rise still, which is a clear indication to anyone paying attention that businesses across the planet are starting to realise that digital transformation will be necessary to stay relevant in the future.

The role of connectivity

Covid-19, and the lockdowns that followed it, forced businesses to close; leaving them scrambling for ways to continue doing business from a distance. In other words, they needed to remain connected to the office while delivering services through predominantly digital channels. The way business and society, in general, remained afloat was thanks to our internet connectivity and the technologies that power it. Wi-Fi is one critical component to connectivity and, ultimately, digital transformation success. Our devices connect to a Wi-Fi network, and thus connect to the internet to do things like attending board meetings from home, or collaborate through online project management systems.

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Introducing Wi-Fi 6

This remarkably advanced connectivity tech that incorporates numerous key 5G technologies will facilitate the commercial world’s digital transformation. Wi-Fi 6 has created breakthroughs in latency (reduced by over two-thirds, bandwidth (increased by 400%), transmission range (increased by 20%), concurrency, and even battery life. Huawei AirEngine, a Wi-Fi 6 network, is already facilitating digital transformation in financial centres, which now enjoy ultra-broadband digital connectivity. This system’s APs attain 3.8Gbit/s, the highest throughput in the industry (verified by Tolly Group).

The future of business is an integration of real-world and digital resources, leveraged in unison to achieve the organisation’s goals.

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