Developing Your Brand Identity On A Budget

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We all know that building, developing and marketing your brand are essential steps in any small to medium business’ success. Did you know that building a strong brand doesn’t have to affect your account negatively? Here is how you can proactively start making an impact that will bring great reward to your brand.

Building Brand Identity

Name Your Brand

Choose your brand name wisely. Make sure that it is memorable and distinctive. This makes it easier to market your brand when you don’t have a big budget. You are looking for a brand name that easily conveys what you or your business is about. Picture how you want your brand name to look in any visual format, whether that’s a pop-up banner, a sign outside of a building or on any digital placements, be it digital banners or on a Facebook image. You want your brand name to be easy to remember or type out when searching online.

Create A Logo

When you have found your brand and have ticked everything mentioned above, checked online to make sure no one else has the very same brand name that you are proposing to use. After you’ve verified that your chosen name is unique, then you are ready to create a logo. The logo is your brand’s visual identity. It should be unique and must stand out. You should be confident in your choice of design.

Establish Your Brand’s Identity

The third step, after securing a logo that represents what you and your brand is about and you have now established your brand’s identity, is that you need to expand on it. The design elements and colours that are worked into your logo are now part of your corporate identity which is commonly known as a brand’s CI. In building a robust Visual Identity for your brand, you will need to convey the same look and feel in all the visual aspects such as business website, business cards, brand t-shirt, stationery, signage and all your marketing materials.

Build A Website

Give your brand a home on the Internet. Every brand needs a hub online, so build a website for your brand. Think about a simple one or two-page website unless your brand needs a fully functional e-commerce site.

Start Making Moves

Now we press play and make bold moves. Let the world know who you are and what you are about. Put your brand out there. You can start by using your brand’s logo everywhere. Create an e-mail signature with your logo, place it on your invoices and rate cards, on your menu, on your business cards. Having your brand on any communication that a potential customer might receive is a step in the right direction.

Engage With Your Customers

Your ultimate goal is to keep your brand top of mind. Staying in touch with your customers regularly to engage with them will help you start getting feedback and being able to assess if your brand meets their needs, what new products or services they are interested in, and how you can improve the way you serve or service them. Engaging with your customers doesn’t only give you valuable information but it is a critical contributor to growing your brand.

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