Why content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing courses

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Digital marketing executives the world over are pumping increased amounts of money into content marketing. In fact, many of them say that they are prioritising this type of digital marketing above any others and are requiring that new hires, in their departments, have this as an integral part of their completed digital marketing diplomas.

Why is this? Why is content marketing being highlighted so heavily?

Why digital marketers need to understand content marketing

Although many digital marketers may not decide to go into content marketing per se, they will need to have a thorough understanding of this fundamental aspect of digital marketing. As we’ll have a look at, later in this article, any digital marketing campaign rests on the content that is generated for it. Thus, the people who oversee this process will need to have a good idea about what are the principles that go into making good content.

Content marketing tells a story – a skill that is essential on any digital marketing course

Neurolinguistic professionals have found that a person is far more likely to be attentive to a speaker or a piece of text if it is in the format of a story. This is because, primarily, people find stories much more engaging than bland pieces of text. Think about this logically:

  • Do you struggle to keep awake in your favourite John Grisham novel, or
  • Are you keenly interested in the latest scientific paper on solar energy?

Most probably, you’ll be more engaged with the scientific paper as opposed to the novel. Why? Because the novel makes you excited about where it’s going and sweeps you up into the story. You don’t find it tedious to read the novel. In fact, you quite enjoy it.

Your content marketing is the backbone of every single successful digital marketing campaign. Without the visuals, words and concepts the campaign would fall flat on its face. The best way to keep people engaged in what you’re saying, and to convince them to buy what you’re selling, you need to create a story.

Other aspects of a digital marketing course

Besides content marketing, there are a number of other crucial aspects that need to be dealt with on a digital marketing course. Marketing in a digital sphere is not one sided. There are countless aspects that go into developing a successful digital marketing campaign. For example:

  • Social media marketing is used in order to tap into new audiences and markets – something that would be much costlier to do with traditional forms of marketing. Social media is also a great tool to spread a company’s branding.
  • SEO and PPC: These two aspects work hand in hand:
  • SEO is all about optimising your site in order for it to be found by people searching for your product. However, this process takes time so while you’re working at getting your website to be at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) you can use PPC adverts. Ultimately, what these do is that they afford you the first page on Google for certain keywords that you buy. This will get you noticed while your SEO is taking hold.
  • Email marketing is not just about writing a letter and pressing send. This type of marketing is about constructing your emails in such a way that they get read by the person that you’re sending them to. Aspects in great email design include language, formatting and well as the use of pictures.

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