Can Influencer Marketing Improve ROI?

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Influencer marketing is a phenomenal way in order to promote your products or services in addition to reaching potential consumers. And working with influencers can also help you to reach people in your market who you may not be able to reach on your own.

Today, there’s very fierce competition between the companies in terms of attracting target audience members and converting them into loyal customers. In order to gain new customers as well as increase their company’s ROI, brands are working together with influencers.

Organisations are now interested in teaming up with influencers as opposed to celebrities. This is because they have realised that influencers are authentic and are able to bridge the gap between their target audience and company.

Use Pixels To Track Customer Journeys

Pixels and cookies all brands the opportunity to see where exactly traffic is coming from as well as insight into what the viewers’ interests are. This provides a better understanding of the audience when interacting with bloggers.

Knowing your audience is crucial for re-targeting. By using pixels and cookies, brands are able to collect information that was previously not leveraged in influencer marketing such as:

  • The number of impressions that the piece has,
  • The number of page views which resulted in true readership,
  • The way in which the audience has engaged with the sponsored content as opposed to non-sponsored content,
  • The location of the followers, as well as
  • IP addresses of individuals who brands should focus on for re-targeting efforts.

In addition, pixels give brands the opportunity  track the entire user experience, from initial touchpoint, to purchase. Pixels also allow brands to track if the purchase came from:

  • A direct click,
  • A retargeting ad that is served after the reader engaged with the sponsored content, as well as
  • An organic search which takes place after reading the sponsored content.

This is taking place by putting a conversion pixel on the brand’s website, which shows the number of organic searches which were inspired by the initial touchpoint of the sponsored post.

Keep The Relationship Going

It seems simple enough however many brands do not look at influencer marketing as a tactic which should be ongoing – as opposed to their other advertising methods.

The most successful influencer marketing campaigns, which receive higher ROIs, are strategically planned for extended periods of time. This builds brand exposure and trustworthiness with influencer followers.

One-off campaigns, while helpful for a quick blast to consumers, prove to be much less effective. Thus, in order to improve ROI with influencer marketing campaigns have influencers posting on a regular basis, at pre-determined intervals, for a certain amount of time.

Buying More Posts Also Saves On Upfront Costs

Just like buying an item at a wholesale shop, brands get more bang for their buck when they buy sponsored posts in bulk. When buying a larger package of posts it’s often more affordable as many influencers offer brands discounted prices for multiple posts.

Brands have many opportunities to identify the correct audience, engage consumers and – at the end of the day – drive sales. It’s just about knowing which tools to use in order to secure those opportunities. Having a good understanding of the target consumer, knowing how to get in front of them and activating influencers who can produce the right kind of content helps boost ROI as well as drive consumers to shop shelves.

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