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Considering a career move into project management? Maybe you’ve just started managing a new project and you don’t know where to start? Why you’re here doesn’t matter. What does matter is whether your project is going to be successful or not, and you, as the project manager, play a part in determining that. We’ll start by defining project management, and give you five things every new project manager should be mindful of before you take on a project.

Project Management Defined

Ever do a project for school? You know, the bicarb and vinegar volcano or the solar system made from painted polystyrene balls. If you didn’t just get your parents to do it for you, then you were responsible for making sure the project was finished and handed in on time. You were the project manager, handling the elements of your project to complete it successfully.

It is a discipline that also involves others, like when you had to ask your parents to get you the materials you needed for your project. This is why project management is defined as “initiating, planning, executing as well as managing the work of a team of people to achieve a specific goal or sets of goals.” There are constraints that project managers work with, like time frame, budget, resources, etc.

Here’s what any new project manager should be aware of when managing a project:

5 Things Every Project Manager Should Know:

  • Scopes Will Shift

The scope of your project is what tasks and actions need to be taken to achieve the project objectives, and it will change during the project. It’s normal, especially when reacting to unforeseen circumstances. A good project manager remains flexible to change.

  • Lingo Is Important

Project managers often manage people from different departments or professional disciplines. The best way to guarantee that someone understands precisely what you mean is to learn the terminology they use in their vocation. This minimises breakdowns in communication.

  • Celebrate Every Win

The vast majority of project managers only measure their success or failure once the project is done and dusted. A better approach is to learn as you go, noting your achievements and failures along the way so that your project management can improve as the project progresses.

  • Stay Resilient

Projects are like life: things often go wrong. Project managers ultimately set the tone for their teams, and if the manager is freaking out – everyone is going to freak out. Try and pre-empt challenges in the planning phase, and when they arise, look for solutions before throwing in the towel.

  • Set Common Goals

What are we all working towards? A designer knows that they are designing, but what is the purpose behind it? Teams work better when everyone involved knows why they are part of the project, and what the project instigators are hoping to achieve.

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