8 Habits of Highly Effective Digital Marketers

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Digital marketers have a lot to do! They manage their clients’ digital marketing strategies, websites, content marketing, SEO. The list goes on and on. There are many moving parts that digital marketers must pay attention to, and it can become overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

Digital marketers must ensure that the different social and digital channels flow together nicely. The best digital marketers do this flawlessly, but there’s always room for improvement. If you want to become a better digital marketer, then start by implementing these eight habits of highly effective digital marketers.

Effective Digital Marketers Habits

They are planners

Without vision (a plan) people get lost. Therefore, highly effective digital marketers are great at planning. From budgets, strategising to organising and mapping out tactics, planning is one of the most important habits a digital marketer must cultivate.

They can move across channels seamlessly

The digital marketing world is massive. There are a staggering number of channels and platforms one could use – and effective digital marketers learn to move across these channels seamlessly. They think beyond just one channel and deliver integrated solutions to their clients.

They use data to their advantage

Data is king in digital marketing, and digital marketers are its loyal servants. Highly effective digital marketers learn to use and interpret data so they can have precise targets and measurable goals for their clients. They turn a mountain of data into a manageable molehill.

They adapt… quickly

A digital marketing strategy can change in the blink of an eye, and highly effective digital marketers are always ready to adapt in the next blink. You must be ready and prepared to change the course of a campaign quickly if that is what is required for success.

DSM Digital school of marketing - effective digital marketers

They love to learn

They say curiosity killed the cat, but highly effective digital marketers eat curiosity for breakfast. They ask “why” a lot, and they use the answers they get, their experience and curiosity to do what no one else can do. They try and learn something new every day, and they love to keep up with the latest trends.

They know their way around words

Content marketing is one of the major pillars of a digital marketing strategy, and an effective digital marketer knows this. Although outsourced content creation is perfectly fine, highly effective digital marketers can knock out an excellent press release or email campaign in no time at all. After all, they are craftsmen.

They use the right tools and find new ones if necessary

Using the right tools can save time and sanity and highly effective digital marketers know about (and use) the right tools for project management, organisation or increasing website traffic and conversion rates. Moreover, if they don’t have a tool, they are resourceful enough to find it.

They always strive to be better

No one is perfect and effective digital marketers know this. However, they always strive to improve on their previous efforts. They continually analyse and assess the results of their strategies and campaigns to find the best ways to get the results they want.

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