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Did you know that remote digital marketing numbers are set to skyrocket after COVID-19? More people are realising that working from home is safer, quieter (in most cases), and sometimes easier since workers are in their “comfort zones”. One reason why digital marketing is the perfect work-from-home career is that there are thousands of effective marketing tools out there that make the lives of digital marketers just a little easier. Let’s take a look at four of these tools below:

Answer the public

Imagine if you could secretly find out what people across the world are searching for online! Well, with AnswerThePublic.com, this is possible. This unique digital marketing tool is known as a search listening method and gives marketers insights into what people are searching for the most that relate to specific keywords that you type in. The platform breaks queries down into categories (why queries, what queries, etc.) and you can even download a PDF mind map or XLS spreadsheet of the results.

Display remarketing

Another unique tool used by digital marketers in the pay-per-click (PPC) arena is Google Display Remarketing. It starts with establishing of graphic adverts that are then advertised on Google’s Display network (websites that show adverts as banners or sidebars). So, when someone searches for a keyword relating to the advert, the graphic ad will pop up and suggest they click through to your website. Remarketing takes it one step further and actually targets people who HAVE visited your site before.

Cresta Help Chat

This tool is more of a digital public relations tool and applies to brands that have WordPress websites. Cresta Help Chat is a free plugin that, when installed in a WordPress site, sticks a small hovering WhatsApp button to a website’s various pages. This can be configured so that, when a website visitor clicks on the icon, a chat window opens up and they can type in queries. These are sent as WhatsApp messages to a number you can assign, and that person can then reply directly to the website visitor in real-time.

Google My Business

Some people say that Google My Business (GMB) is the website of the future, and they aren’t far off. You’ve probably noticed them before; little windows that pop up to the right of the screen when searching Google for brand names or businesses. These Google snippets feature a company’s name, contact number, website link, appointment URLs, images, videos, and even reviews from past customers. As humanity becomes less favourable to effort, many online conversions are facilitated right there on a brand’s GMB profile.

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