4 Digital marketing insights to help you drive business growth

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Whether you’re performing digital marketing activities on behalf of a client, or you’re looking to market your own business, it makes sense that you want to see business growth. It’s the whole reason why people engage in marketing in the first place, but the sad news is that many marketers fail to do so for some or other purpose. Yes, marketing is often hit and miss, but with great insights come great ideas – which might just be significant enough to boost business to the next level. We’re looking at four of these digital marketing insights below:

Digital Marketing insights

  • Digital Marketing is measurable

Imagine you’re deciding between placing an ad in your local newspaper and running a pay-per-click marketing campaign. How will you track the number of people who see your newspaper ad? Can you put a number to the number of times someone saved your contact information, or cut out your advert and stuck it to their fridge? With the PPC campaign, you can measure how many people saw your ad and clicked on it, how much time they spent reading your content, and the action they took directly afterwards. Compared to traditional marketing, digital is immensely more measurable.

  • Identify and target your customers

Who are your ideal customers? If you’re thinking everyone, then you’re on the wrong track. While everyone might have the ability to use your product, not all of them will want to use your product. This fact leads many brands along a path of identifying those ideal customers who are most likely to become leads. This is done by constructing customer personas, which takes into account both quantitative and qualitative data to craft an ideal customer for your business. Perhaps they’re middle-aged women with a predisposition for oily skin, who shop at high-LSM outlets. Once you know who you’re talking to, it’s easier to craft marketing content that speaks directly to them.

  • The buyer’s journey starts online

Remember that a buyer’s journey starts online – not in store. You, me, and most other people will use Google at least once a day. Sometimes it’s merely to access a website without having to type out the whole URL; other times you’re looking for information to solve an issue, like searching for plumbers in Cape Town. Most consumers will turn to the internet to find your services and products, so it is critical that your brand has a website, has claimed a Google My Business listing, and is active on social media. The internet is the salesperson of the past, and people are making their purchase decisions way before even stepping foot into a store.

  •  Omni-channel marketing is king

Gone are the days where placing a monthly advert in a newspaper’s classifieds section is enough marketing to keep afloat. Consumers are using more and more channels to connect and find information. This has lead to businesses taking an omni-channel approach to their marketing and advertising, trying to have a presence on as many digital platforms as possible. The more, the merrier rings true in the modern marketing world, but even more important is actually choosing the right channels for your specific brand and product/service offering.

Data is an extremely valuable commodity today, but it’s not necessarily the data itself that is valuable – the insights one can gain from assessing the data is where the real value lies.

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