3 Marketing Mistakes Start-Ups Make

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Start-ups and new marketing campaigns go together like brick-and-mortar stores and champagne-fuelled launch parties. How better to get the word out regarding your exciting new brand than to kick things off with some marketing, right? Get the brand out there, start building interest, and who knows – you might even catch your first few customers. However, there are mistakes that many start-ups make when first getting their promotional efforts going; mistakes that could be of serious detriment to a new brand. We’re taking a look at three of these critical marketing errors below:

3 Critical Marketing Errors


  • No Clear Marketing Plan

    The main goal of start-up marketing is to connect a new brand to its target audience members successfully. How does it go about doing that? This question should be answered in the form of a comprehensive and highly-detailed document laying out the plan of action for the launch marketing. This should also detail marketing activities that will follow on from the launch, showing how the business intends on executing marketing for, say, the first year of operations.


  • A Business Without A Brand

    Before putting pen to paper and producing a clear marketing plan to promote the new brand, start-ups should ensure that they have a brand to promote in the first place. Too often brands are established without consulting members of the target audience, and they fail to have a successful impact when it comes down to marketing – not because their marketing is poor, but because certain elements of their branding might be putting people off. Great marketing starts with a great brand.

  • No Business Website

A (decent) business website requires an outlay of capital, and the maintenance of a website also adds extra overheads. Unfortunately, in this modern digital world where most people live most of their lives on the internet, not having a business website is like not having a telephone number or email address for customers to contact. Think about your website as your online storefront. It should show all the information any person would need to successfully interact with your brand and purchase/enquire about your services and products.

Getting a start-up’s marketing just right takes careful planning, strategy, and management. With a clear plan, a strong brand, and adequate online resources – a start-up should be able to establish itself in the industry and start making a name for itself.

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