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There’s no such thing as easy marketing. If it’s easy, you’re probably doing it wrong. However, marketing doesn’t have to be completely frightening. Today’s marketing environment is less about the actual adverts and posters and social media content – and more about research, planning, strategising, and using data-driven decisions to ensure the mark is being hit with each campaign. Before looking into the finer details of successful marketing, three fundamental marketing activities simply cannot be overlooked:


The first key to marketing success is to construct a strong brand. Your brand is what consumers feel when they associate with your business and is comprised of a number of elements. Colours, fonts, tone of voice, imagery, content, and other factors all coalesce within the mind of the customer to build an opinion. How strong is your brand? Do people comment on how brilliant your logo is, or how they feel happy every time they walk into your store? These positive brand associations are key to executing successful marketing campaigns.


You can walk down to the ocean, with a net in hand, and throw it out onto the water in hopes of catching a fish from the murky depths. Or you could research the best fishing spots along the beach and try there instead. Where do you think you have a better chance of catching fish? The shotgun approach to marketing has been ineffective for decades now, and thorough research is now required, through the use of data analytics, to engage and convert audience members successfully. Google Analytics, social media sites, and other resources are treasure troves of information.


A strong brand is the foundation of marketing success, and great campaigns can’t hit home most effectively without careful research beforehand. Research will inform strategy, which is another non-negotiable key to marketing success. As you’ll likely already know, marketing isn’t as simple as copy and paste. It’s more than just swiping your credit card for online advertising spend. Every stage of every campaign must be meticulously thought-out, ensuring that the entire marketing team is aware of all aspects, who is responsible for what, and what the main goal is of the campaign.

When the fundamentals of marketing are understood and implemented, campaigns have a much better chance of hitting the right buttons and engaging meaningfully with audiences.

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