Why Does Your Mobile App Needs An SEO Strategy?

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Just creating a mobile app and putting it up on the app store is not enough. Just like any website needs search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to appear for search results, in the same way, you need to perform a little something called ASO or app store optimisation.

ASO is often described as SEO but for apps. While this is a comparatively true statement, it can also create the impression to mobile app developers – as well as marketers – that SEO is an unnecessary and pointless task for apps.

What is App Store Optimisation?

The term ‘app store optimisation’ is the constant process of improving an app’s rank and make it easier to find in an app store such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. The higher that your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to possible users.

This process involves factors such as selecting the correct keywords and app name, putting together a good description, testing a number of different icons, screenshots as well as videos, receiving high ratings and positive reviews in addition to adapting this content for other countries (localisation).

What Is An App Preview?

If a person types your app name or associated long-tail search phrase into Google search by making use of their mobile device, a preview of your app could be visible, dependent on how well optimised the app preview is.

This snippet covers an app name, number of reviews as well as average ratings, a tiny portion of the description in addition to a download button. Clicking on the download button then redirects the user to the relevant app store, where they are able to quickly and easily download the app.

Why SEO For Apps Is Essential For Your App Marketing Strategy

With Google providing confirmation that more searches now occur on mobile devices as opposed to on desktops and also having many ways in which your apps can be visible in search results, it’s becoming increasingly important to show up in mobile searches.

This being said, making sure that your mobile apps are found in mobile search results is not only pertinent to secure new users but to retarget current ones. It could happen that your users are searching for something that you’re offering in your apps. By doing SEO for apps, you are able to make them return to your app just by clicking a search result.

To sum up, search – performed in both web and mobile app stores – is a great driver of organic app downloads. If you master search optimisation in terms of SEO and ASO, you are on the right track to run a successful app business. By optimising your app information to appear high in organic search, you can ensure a high ROI as your app marketing don’t depend on paid user acquisition methods.

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