What is an affiliate network?

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As with all relationships, it is important to network with the right people in your industry. An affiliate network is essentially an online referral systems and a vital mechanism for generating cross-referrals between companies. In other words, an affiliate network is a value-added which provides services, including aggregation, for affiliate merchants in addition to affiliates.

The more sources of traffic to your website, the better. As we’ve written about in previous articles, these are called inbound links or backlinks. Backlinks can come from any other related site and not just from affiliate networks.

Some affiliate networks, such as Amazon and eBay’s Partner Network, encourage companies to display ads, banner, widgets and online stores on their sites. Every time someone clicks on a banner ad or buys something the website displaying the ad gets paid.

Google also has an affiliate programme called Adsense. If you sign up for AdSense Google matches the content of your website with relevant Google Ads and for every time that someone clicks on a Google Ad on your website you get paid for that click.

How affiliate networks function

With all of these examples of affiliate networks you get paid to promote someone’s else’s website by becoming a source of leads for them.

The reverse also applies to your website. You want as many visits to your site as possible from as many sources as possible. You do not have to be an online retail giant to have an affiliate network. There are other websites which are open to joining affiliate programmes. In this way you will profit from the links coming to your website from these affiliate networks. All you would just need to figure out is how much you will be paying your affiliates each time someone clicks through to your website from theirs.

You can even find loyal customers who are willing to have a link to your site on theirs. This is one of the easiest in addition to the best ways to create backlinks. A good example of this is a web design agency. Every time a new website is launched a press release is written about the launch and the news page and social networks spread the world. All of these channels help to distribute information about the company and its product offerings.

Do you have to pay for advertising online?

Affiliate networks is another way of marketing and advertising your business online.

However, there is a mistaken belief that all online advertising is paid. An online advertisement is a public placement or submission with the ultimate goal of promoting a product or service. As Internet users become increasingly sophisticated, banner ads are being ignored as clutter rather than viewed as something valuable.

The more active that you are on online channels the more search engines will crawl your site or blog and the more favourable that you will appear to search engines because you have good-quality content that is always current. Remember that advertising in the digital marketing age is all about getting the message out to a large audience and informing customers about your products or service. Sometimes the more subtle methods of advertising reap the best rewards.

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