What Does An SEO Manager Do?

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Digital marketing is an absolute necessity for any business or organisation which wants to become noticed by the consumer today. It provides a world of possibilities when it comes down to career choices that span a broad variety of skill sets. One of the most desirable skills in any digital marketing arena is the SEO manager.

Search Engine Optimisation has become a must for any business which wants to be found on the web. An SEO manager has a long list of skills which are highly regarded in the industry. Although many experts can create content as well as even a content strategy, the attempts of the content team are all missed without the correct SEO. If you are keen to become an asset to the digital marketing community, an SEO manager role might be right for you.

SEO Manager Job Profile

SEO managers are responsible for planning, implementing as well as managing a company’s overall SEO strategy. They usually cover a wide array of duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building as well as  keyword strategy. In order to attract the best SEO manager that best matches your requirements, it is very important to write a clear as well as precise SEO manager job description.

Skills And Competencies Of An SEO Manager

If you’re thinking about a role as an SEO manager, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most important skills that you’ll need to nurture on your way there. These skills are often cited in posted job descriptions for SEO manager roles and utilised by our own SEO professionals each day in order to generate real results in search marketing:

  1. Strong experience with HTML/CSS
  2. Expertise in current SEO best practices
  3. Knowledge in using content management systems (CMS) to optimize websites
  4. Familiarity with requisite web analytics tools and reporting tools
  5. Working knowledge of SEO copywriting and UI design skills
  6. Solid background in strategy for traditional and digital media channels
  7. Strong leadership and organizational skills
  8. Analytical, results-driven mindset
  9. Solid writing and communication skills

What Are The Responsibilities Of An SEO Manager?

The following are the responsibilities of an SEO manager are the following:

  • Develop as well as execute successful SEO strategies
  • Manage team of SEO specialists
  • Do keyword research in order to guide content teams
  • Review technical SEO issues as well as recommend fixes
  • Optimise website content, landing pages in addition to paid search copy
  • Direct off-page optimisation projects (such as link-building)
  • Collect data and report on traffic, rankings in addition to other SEO aspects
  • Work with social media and PPC teams in order to optimise campaigns
  • Keep abreast of SEO and integrated marketing trends

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