What Are The Top SEO Plugins For WordPress?

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Search engine optimisation is one of those digital marketing fields that is hard to explain in full detail at any given point in time. This is because search engines, like the Googles and Bings of the world, are constantly updating their ranking algorithms to favour certain website traits over others. Since the SEO goalposts are constantly moving, many website owners are looking for ways to simplify the optimisation process. One way WordPress website owners do this is through the use of SEO plugins. This article has a more in-depth look at the five best SEO plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO

This is the most common SEO plugin on WordPress, and there’s a reason for that. Yoast SEO is a comprehensive add-on that integrates with a website’s page-building tools and gives in-depth feedback on a document’s SEO ranking potential. Errors are broken down into categories of severity and can be ticked off one by one before going live with the content. Yoast SEO also allows for the easy insertion of a page’s meta title and meta description, two lines of information that appear on search engine results pages like Google, Bing, etc.

Google XML Sitemaps

This critical WordPress SEO plugin is needed to ensure that your website’s multiple pieces of content are being indexed by Google’s search engine algorithm. The goal of SEO is to get website pages as high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible. This means pointing the search engine in the right direction when it indexes and assesses a website. What’s more, Google XML Sitemaps automatically creates a sitemap for your website, and will automatically update your sitemap as you add more pages, blog articles, and other pieces of content.


This plugin works with another essential SEO tool, Google Analytics. MonsterInsights integrates a website’s Google Analytics data into the WordPress CMS, where website owners can track their link building efforts and other website visitation metrics on an easy-to-use, attractive user interface. In the digital marketing world, you know that time is money. Instead of having to constantly swap between your analytics tool and your WordPress website, have them both in the same place and have the metrics you want to see at your fingertips.

Broken Link Checker

Link building is a super important component of any search engine optimisation strategy. Links are silent approvals of your website from third-parties, but when those links don’t work anymore, this affects SEO negatively. Faulty internal links also impact a website’s SEO score and can render your site troublesome to navigate for visitors hoping to make use of your products or services. The Broken Link Checker plugin is an early-warning system that monitors a website’s link structures and notifies you when there are issues. Rest assured, you’d rather hear it from a plugin than from an irate online shopper.

With the above four WordPress SEO plugins installed and activated, you can rest easy that your website is ticking the right SEO boxes and that its pages are moving in the right direction on the search engine results pages.

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