How To Get SEO Clients?

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Whether you’ve just elected to make some cash as an SEO consultant and searching for your very first SEO client or want to increase the SEO organisation you’ve been operating for quite a protracted period of time, firstly you are in for a lot of thorough strategic planning as to where to find your prospects as well as how to turn the SEO leads into paying local SEO clients. For SEO agencies and consultants that rank high on Google for related key phrases, the easiest way to convert clients is of course through inbound leads.

Find Highly Qualified SEO Prospects Who Are in Your Industry

First, let’s explain what a “highly qualified” prospect is. Your perfect SEO client should be someone who has had some amount of success in organic search but is not so far the leader among their competitors.

If they are by now at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), then they probably don’t need your assistance. Reaching out to them will be a futile effort. If they are not in the SERPs altogether for a number of different important keywords, they may not be willing to invest in an SEO strategy. You might spend numerous unbillable hours educating them about SEO before you even start to sell them on your agency.

Make Sure That The Price Is Right

Rate is key. Your pricing needs to be lie with client budget expectations as well as what’s already on offer in your market. Ensure that your competitive research encompasses the options available to your ideal client in their local region, in their niche area of SEO (be it real estate, law firm SEO,

Just as importantly, your services must be profitable in order to sustain your business. It sounds obvious, yet I often see people in forums and networking groups asking how to set their rates and what they should charge.

Start By Finding A Keyword In The Industry You Serve And Want To Target

For example, an SEO agency which serves B2B software organisations may choose the term “document management software”. You’ll use this term to look for websites that are not at the top of SERPs but, with a little help from you, can get there.

Then enter the term into Alexa’s Keyword Share of Voice Tool. The term ‘Share of Voice’ (SOV) is the percentage of exposure which a brand gets for a specific keyword.

When you enter the term into this tool, you will see the brands which have the highest SOV at the very top of the list. These websites likely don’t need your services, as they are already performing well. But the websites which appear in the range of roughly number 10-30 on the list may be the perfect clients.

Finally, browse through the list to find websites which could be ideal clients. These websites aren’t already at the top, but they should show potential. They have a fighting chance of acquiring more SOV and traffic for the keyword if they invest in the effort. In order to get additional information and learn more about a website, view their Site Keywords and also note how much of their organic traffic is coming from those keywords.

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