How Can Your Incorporate SEO Into Your PPC?

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing and SEO Optimisation are both extremely effective tools in a digital marketing tool kit. They work in an even better fashion when they are combined as they complement each other. Your website exposure depends on your Google ranking. It can survive or die by its visibility or the absence of it. But organic ranking isn’t the only trend now. With Google’s the latest updates, ads are becoming more and more high profile in the SERP.

That said, you have to pay attention to both your SEO and pay per click marketing policies. You can take it another step forward, though. While you can produce excellent results from either one, you can have even better results from both.

For businesses, search engines remain precious online real estate. This is even though website traffic, from social media, is greater than that from search engines. This is because:

  • Leads from search engine traffic are higher quality and convert better.
  • Organic search is a stable and repeated source of traffic, every month, once you reach the top.

The Relationship Between SEO and PPC

One of the primary questions that are asked by those who are novices at PPC or SEO is “can my PPC ads interfere with my website’s SEO?” or “can my SEO affect my PPC ads?” Technically speaking, the answer is no—having PPC ads can’t influence your website’s ranking, and your website’s ranking can’t affect your ads.

That being said, there are a range of ways in which SEO and PPC can work together in order to make your overall marketing plans better. Although there are no SEO advantages to having PPC ads, there are other benefits that can indirectly affect how well your website performs.

SEO and PPC both have a common goal and that is attracting people to your website. A holistic approach to search will assist you with navigating an increasingly complex landscape.

How SEO and PPC Work Together

By combining your SEO and PPC forces, you have a chance to:

  • Share learnings
  • Improve budget effectiveness
  • Assist with driving mutual growth for the brands that you’re managing

The truth is this process does not take place enough in practice. Take, for example, the debate about the need for brand bidding in order to maintain visibility in search due to competitor bidding. Brand ads may actually be more effective than organic listings as this allows brands to control creative messaging and landing pages fully for every associated search term.

Building a greater understanding of how both SEO, as well as PPC, can complement each other so that they can deliver mutually beneficial performance which is critical to success. Within each and every single organisation, there are internal battles which are worth the fight. Most growth-minded businesses face a lack of communication between teams in one form or another. If you work in a digital marketing role, you may notice a divide between your paid search and SEO teams. You do not have to be a C-Suite employee in order to champion change within your company.

As you have been able to see from this article, both SEO and PPC are integral parts of a company’s digital marketing.

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