What is internal PR?

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The internal PR is an important part of any organisation’s communication strategy. That is, management’s vision for internal PR should be that it is something the organisation cannot do without.

In perspective, the term ‘internal Public Relations’ refers to those who work, as well as have a role in, an organisation. Examples of these types of people include employees as well as management. In addition, internal PR also refers to the union which lives and thrives in a company or organisation.

Last, but not least, shareholders of the company, commonly known by the public stockholders, are also involved in internal PR. The shareholders are the internal components of the public is a collection of individuals who regularly meet and interact with the PR.

A company’s health in addition to their image depends on the involvement as well as happiness of its employees. These people must feel that they are a valued part of the organisation. This can only occur if the top management actively builds strong lines of communication lines with the employees. This is where internal public relations plays a huge role.

What does internal PR involve?

Internal public relations involves the following vital aspects:

Listening to what your co-workers say

To employ an analogy, this is like having your ear to the ground. With internal PR, you are well aware of what the organisation’ employees are speaking about. With this information, you are able to tune into their frustrations, their fears, their hopes as well as win their trust. You will pick up valuable tips which you can share with the top management. In the process, you will remove misgivings in addition to making the company a happier place.

Sharing business information

No company can work in a vacuum. This means that it is essential to share the company’s achievements, policies as well as plans with the employees. This is because they are equal stakeholders in the progress of the business. In addition, they will feel happy if they know what is happening within the organisation as opposed to learning about it from a third person.

Internal PR fits into employee branding

Internal PR fits into the bigger picture of employee branding. This type of branding offers a new twist on identity regulation. Employee branding shapes employees’ behaviour so that they project the brand identity of their organisation’s products through their everyday work behaviour.

Employee branding is intended to induce employee-brand identification, a psychological connection between the employee as well as the brand in order to provide an unobtrusive, seemingly unproblematic engine for “on brand behaviour”.

If the internal PR team carries out its internal public relations work with enthusiasm and sensitivity then it can develop into a trusted resource within the business. The knowledge that it will acquire will help it greatly in dealing with media as well as building the external image of the company. In addition, internal PR can also play an invaluable role in helping HR in resolving internal company issues.

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