How To Get The Graphic Design Job That Is Best For You

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If you want to get your dream job, you’ll need to do the following: network, internship and then make a LinkedIn profile. However you don’t want just any graphic design job. You want a job that will allow you to pursue your passion—a job in graphic design. There’s just one challenge. Jobs such this are so portfolio-driven that the search can seem superbly daunting. This is particularly true for new designers who are just attempting to get their bearings.

The Great News Is That The Work Is Out There

Companies have to have logos, agencies need cover art, restaurants need menus that are designed. If there’s a thing that needs to look good, there’s someone looking for the help of a graphic professional to get it there. You just have to find an opening where you are able to start to get established.

In order to help with that, we’ve put together several tips and strategies to find a graphic design job so you will be able to get the ball rolling one of the most amazing careers in the world!

Pursue Formal Study

A graphic design course – such as the ones offered at the Digital School of Marketing – remain the most safest and most dependable route into the industry. And it’s not merely about getting a job – a comprehensive grounding in design theory and practice will give you to the opportunity do that job well, as well.

Specialise Where Possible

Despite being a new graphic designer, you are able to specialise your profile and portfolios for individual client categories. This may be accomplished in a number of different ways, sometimes as simple as creating a tab on your website that sorts work by category. You want to balance being detailed with keeping out any irrelevant information so that a client doesn’t think “that’s not what I want.”

When looking for a graphic design job, don’t pad out your profile with unrelated skills. Upwork is great as it lets you create separate profiles for this exact purpose. So, for your graphic design profile, make sure that you keep it specific to the role. Show that this is a talent you want others to pay particular attention to.

Make Agency Connections

Freelancing is a wonderful way for you to make a profound impression on advertising or marketing agencies who work with a broad variety of clients. Agency work frequently runs hot and cold—and freelancers are frequently called in to assist when client workloads spike.

These employers frequently turn to freelancers to see what a designer is able to do without the risk of bringing onboard a new full-time employee. In an industry that is so results-based, it’s very nice for the employer to see the process, efficiency and quality that are behind a designer’s work.

Although not every freelance project will come with this possibility, don’t be afraid to tell a freelance employer that you are searching for a full-time gig. Remember that employers are not mind readers—for all they know you could be perfectly happy freelancing, so make sure that you speak up. Even if they don’t have a job opportunity that is available right at this moment, they could be looking for assistance later down the line.

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