Why You Should Use Google Ads For Your Business

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The digital marketing world has changed significantly in recent years. Google Ads is one of the platforms which is driving this transformation. It is undeniable that Google Ads is one of the most efficient paid online advertising techniques.

Google Ads gives companies the opportunity to reach anyone who makes use of Google in order to search for information, products as well as services online. When used correctly, Google Ads has the potential to send you large numbers of individuals who want exactly what you have to offer. If you don’t presently have a Google Ads account for your organisation, or you don’t make use of your Google Ads account to its full potential, you should really consider taking full advantage of this platform.

When Did Google Ads Start?

Google AdWords launched in 2000, just a short two years after the search engine itself. It functions as a pay-per-click marketing strategy which targets digital consumers. In 2018, the platform was rebranded with the name Google Ads. While the Google market runs rampant with potential leads, its status makes it a competitive atmosphere.

At the end of 2019, adverts on the program were being viewed by 90% of the Internet population. And costs for keywords are rising, which makes these campaigns more and more expensive. This change has provoked questions such as, “What can I do in order to avoid overspending and still meet the requirements of an oversaturated market?”

Google Ads may be inundated with business owners who are making their mark, however there are avenues that are yet to be conquered.

Reasons To Use Google Ads

Google’s Massive Reach

Today Google has promoted itself beyond a brand to a verb. And that’s because now, when individuals have a certain question which needs answering, their first stop is usually Google. The search engine handles around 2+ trillion searches like these each and every single. That’s over 5 billion searches each and every single.

Among those are individuals who are looking for solutions to problems which your business can offer. If they’ve ever made use of the Internet, chances are good that they’ve Googled the answer to something. And if you can assist them with finding the answer, even if it’s with an ad, they’re more likely to choose you as opposed your competitor.

Allowing For A Range Of Targeting

With Google, there’s something for every company as well as every prospect at every single stage of the buyer’s journey. Bidding on broad keyword search terms – such as “accounting software” – will show your advert to prospects at the earlier phases of the process of product research. It will allow you to fill the top of your funnel with two very simple but formidable techniques:

  • Obtain their information with your post-click landing page and begin sending them informative content which proves your authority.
  • If they don’t convert, make use of retargeting software in order to draw them back until they do.

Another very powerful technique for growing your customer base is bidding on long-tail keyword search terms such as “accounting software for freelance marketers.” These are generally less expensive and are also valuable for capturing the attention of people who are searching for exactly what you offer. At most times, people who search for long, specific strings of keywords have more intent. And intent is what makes the individuals you reach on Ads so valuable.

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