Why You Should Invest In A Digital Marketing Qualification In 2020

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Thanks to the evolving nature of technology a large portion of the population exists in two places – the physical world and in the digital space.

Over time this trend gave rise to an online culture that’s second to none. The internet is no longer just something cool to have – it’s become an integral part of our daily lives. We use it to shop, keep in touch with loved ones and even as a news source. Others use it for professional networking, as a way to connect with new customers and to engage with fans.

With so much going on in the digital space it can be difficult to keep up with all the changing trends and technologies. As such, having a working knowledge of digital marketing is essential if you want to succeed in our tech-savvy world.

Digital marketing includes any type of marketing activity that uses some form of digital technology.  We are all familiar with social media and we’ve all used the internet, but it’s important to understand that digital marketing is so much more than posting on a social media platform or boosting traffic to your website.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to make sure you regularly complete a course in digital marketing in order for your qualifications to be recognised and to remain current.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is about everything that goes into marketing and advertising a product or service through the use of digital technology and platforms. And with the rapid pace at which technology changes, businesses have started to place more focus on their digital marketing efforts to stay prominent in their respective fields.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing

People spend a lot of time online these days. From a business perspective, this means more of your customers are online. This is why digital marketing is important. In the digital space you have a chance to reach your customers directly and instantly.

Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Qualification Is A Must

With everything getting digitalized our digital culture isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact it’s probably going to grow in the coming years as technology like augmented reality and short-form videos make their way into marketing.

This is why businesses in every sector are focusing on developing a strong online presence. For that purpose they need digital marketers. That’s why so many people are choosing a career in the digital marketing.

Career growth is also extensive in digital marketing. You can start out as a content creator and move on analytics or UX design. So whether you’re creative or a technical, you’ll find something that fits your personality in the digital field.

More Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Qualification Is Valuable

  • High Demand For Digital Marketing Professionals

As the popularity of all things digital soars, businesses are gearing up to hire more digital marketers. But at present there is a significant gap between the supply and demand of digital marketing professionals. This means businesses are in desperate need of digital marketers. By learning a skill that’s in such great demand you can easily get a job at the company of your choosing, your earning potential will increase and you’ll have better job security.

  • Variety Of Career Options

The digital marketing field is vast and businesses of every shape and size are on the lookout for digital professionals with the right skill-set. As digitization expands to include chatbots, social listening and artificial intelligence a wide array of new opportunities are becoming available within the digital field. With so many options available you can choose a career that best suits your specific needs. You can also afford to be a little picky about the type of business you’d like to work for.

  • Start A Business Of Your Own

To get ahead in most careers you have to tough it out as an intern to gain experience and grow your portfolio. But in the digital marketing realm there a host of opportunities for you to start your own career before you even send out your first job application. After taking a digital marketing course (or three) you can showcase your talents by starting a blog, working as a freelance content creator or becoming a social media influencer. These are fantastic ways to showcase your digital marketing knowledge to employers. It can also serve as the gateway to owning very successful business of your own.

  • Greater Earning Potential

Due to the shortage of professionals in digital marketing businesses are willing to pay a great deal to acquire employees in this field. So if you have the right skills you can negotiate a great salary with additional benefits. It’s also worth noting that digital marketing skills are in demand across the globe. This means you can earn an income that’s on par with international standards.


Popular digital marketing types

The number of people going online worldwide continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, it makes sense that so too will the many ways of digital marketing.

Here are a few of the most popular types of digital marketing options:

  • Email campaigns – There are literally millions of active email account users and this is expected to increase, so email marketing campaigns are a great way to boost your overall digital marketing efforts.
  • Social media – Social media platforms enjoy one of the most popular types of online interaction. Sharing, liking and engaging with content posted on social media is a great way to market your brand.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click digital marketing is a type of online marketing whereby advertisers pay a small fee each time a user clicks on their ad.
  • SEO – Search engine optimisation focusses on growing your visibility through organic search engine results.
  • Content marketing – High-quality, interesting content is a sure-fire way of ensuring successful digital marketing. One of the fastest-growing trends in digital marketing is video content as it’s fast, to the point and entertaining.  However, the use of high-quality images and concise informative text-driven content is still a popular form of digital marketing.

Final Words…

The trend of hiring digital marketer is definitely set to rise in 2020. So if you’re armed with a great digital marketing qualification your career opportunities will be pretty limitless. If you want to get into digital marketing, check out DSM’s range of extensive digital marketing courses. They will equip you with all the skills you need to succeed.

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