Why Will Bold Branding Boost Your Business? Find out in this article.

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One could make the argument that, among all small businesses, home service contractors face the biggest challenges earning trust from potential customers. Think about it:

  • Many people have felt ripped off by a contractor or heard about someone else’s awful experience.
  • Families are not eager to allow strangers into their homes to work.
  • Contractors with unmarked, beat-up trucks and without uniforms or business cards do not instil confidence.

Home service contractors with strategic branding have a clear advantage over their competitors without it as a brand can convey a professional, trustworthy image which breaks down the first barrier to getting the job. It allows you to control how your target audience perceives your company when they encounter it for the first time.

Widespread Ambivalence About The Relevance Of Branding

There is extensive ambivalence about the relevance of branding, particularly among start-ups as well as small businesses who are looking to find their feet in an innately hostile environment.

For the most part, small businesses keep on being blinded by the mistaken assumption that brands entirely signify the ‘bigger’ fish in the bond who have unrestricted access to massive budgets as well as nationwide recognition.

As a result, they agree to their fate and also do precious little other than coming up with fancy-looking business cards or a catchy logo. This is odd, considering that it is small businesses which need to leverage branding more than their deep-rooted counterparts.

In order to reinforce this point, research makes the suggestion that almost 50% of consumers indicate that they consider becoming increasingly more loyal to a brand in the course of their very first purchase. In the end, branding gives your audience a very clear sense of purpose and well-defined roadmap – a credible voice which people want to listen to. However, do they really need to, or is there more than meets the eye?

What Does Your Brand Say About Your Business?

Your brand is about far more than just your logo. It also encompasses your company name, colours, typography, tagline, reputation as well as voice. They work together in order to represent what you do and how you do it.

When all of these components are crafted strategically, and in sync, potential customers who see your brand know what services you provide and what you promise about the experience they could expect to receive. Branding should characterise the quality of work you do as well as the nature of your relationships with customers.

Reflect on what your brand says about your company:

  • Are you proud to hand someone your business card?
  • When people see your truck parked in a neighbour’s driveway or pass the sign outside your office, does it attract any attention (for good reasons)?
  • To a stranger, does your company look any different —or, more importantly, any better — than your competitors?
  • Or could it be easily confused with “the other guys” whose building is a few blocks away?

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