Why Should You Apply VUCA to your business model?

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‘VUCA’ is an acronym which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This is a combination of qualities that, when taken together, characterise the nature of several difficult conditions as well as situations.  The term is also often said to stand for the following adjectives: volatile, uncertain, complex as well as ambiguous.

When Did VUCA Originate?

The term VUCA began with the United States Army War College. It described the conditions resulting from the Cold War. The VUCA model has since been adopted throughout businesses and organisations in many industries and sectors to guide leadership, strategic planning and digital transformation.

An awareness of the forces which are represented in the VUCA model – and strategies to mitigate the harm they might cause – is integral to crisis management and disaster recovery planning.

  • Volatility – Those changes which take place within a company at a constant pace.
  • Uncertainty – The inability to predict different situations or events that happen.
  • Complexity – Difficulty in understanding and managing the context formed by the laws of cause and effect.
  • Ambiguity – Difficulty factor is thrown by the relationships between the different elements or individuals that make up a business
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How To Survive In A VUCA Environment

The implementation of the VUCA environment and digital transformation require a series of steps in which aspects such as leadership and consistency are vital to guarantee results.

Choosing Leaders

We by now know that leadership skills are more important than ever in today’s companies. This is because leaders drive digital transformation. This means that you must carefully select those people with the ability to lead a team back to its objectives.

Understand The Team

As it has been in the last few years, involving your team in change processes necessitates a full understanding of their aspirations, skills as well as commitment to the company.

Digital Transformation

New technologies and globalisation have forever altered the way of conceiving the skeleton of a company. Betting on digital transformation – in addition to a qualified team – are key factors in laying the foundations for a business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Constant Training

Today the world of work, particularly in terms of technological environments, needs continuous training for your employees. Adapting to the perpetual changes in our environment, not only local but also global, is vital to secure the long-term sustainability of the company in addition to the ability to meet the challenges with maximum preparation and resources.

Resilience in Businesses

Business resilience is the capacity to quickly adapt as well as respond to business disruptions, safeguard people and assets while – at the same time – preserving continuous business operations. Business resilience planning offers guidance for ensuring the ability of staff members to respond, resume as well as restore to a pre-determined level of operation following a disruption.

The VUCA concept is integral in digital transformation and making sure that your organisation is brought in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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