Why Should Building A Rock-Solid Brand Be Your First Priority?

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There are numerous ideas about what should come first when building a brand. Some business mentors will inform you to, first and foremost, focus on selling your products and/or services. Others will encourage a longer, slower growth trajectory – one which is built upon trust with the consumer as well as making a name for the company within an industry.

At times, it may seem futile to double down on certain aspects of a company – such as branding – when the business hasn’t been up and running yet. Contrary to popular belief, the process of branding is not just about selecting the right colour palette and voice of your company. It’s not the extra fluff which is added on afterwards in order to make it fun. An organisation’s brand is how it connects with consumers, establishes trust with them, and markets efficiently.

What Are The Fundamental Elements Of A Strong Brand?

In creating a brand which is impactful and can grow over time, you need to keep these elements in mind:

  • Your Why, or the purpose of your organisation. Simply put: your brand is why your company does what it does.
  • Establish your brand promise. Your brand promise is the experience as well as brand messaging that your customer should expect every time they engage with your brand.
  • A clear understanding of your ideal consumer. To do this you have to establish the buyer persona.

What Are The Most Popular Channels Used To Communicate Brand Identity?

How do marketers convey their brand’s identity? Not surprisingly, a 55% majority of marketers cited their own website as the overall top channel. Even though you should convey brand identity across multiple platforms, the goal is usually to lead people back to your website – a channel completely your own, where you have the biggest opportunity to communication your story, showcase your brand’s unique voice and imagery.

Social media platforms came in second, with 21% of marketers saying these were their top channel. The following channels were fairly close:

  • Other websites, used to publish guest posts or other content, ranked 8%,
  • Word of mouth was 7%, and
  • Referral marketing came in at 6%.

Align On Brand First

Ultimately, everything within an organisation’s brand should extend outwards, affecting every facet of the advertising campaigns, social pages, and the website.

If for nothing else, this is why a brand should be decided upon first. When in the planning stages of a company, while writing the business plan, ensure that a branding kit is created. The more that this brand can stand out from the competition and become infused in every component of selling, the better. Eventually, the brand may just sell for you.

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