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Management gurus have chewed over the topic endlessly: is a flair for entrepreneurship something that you are born with, or something that can be taught? Entrepreneurship is at the top of many minds of South Africans with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s assertion that he believes entrepreneurship is the answer to stimulating the country’s sluggish gross domestic product (GDP). To this end, we offer a marketing entrepreneurship course to help marketers get into business.

There’s no denying that developing an active culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa will go a long way to employing some of the masses of unemployed people and stimulating the economy. However, running a successful start-up is no easy feat. Yes, people can take all the management courses that they want to, however if they don’t have the drive and passion in terms of making the business succeed, the whole process is futile.


So, we canvassed a number of entrepreneurs – specifically in the media space – to find out what they thought are essential psychological characteristics that entrepreneurs in this space need to have.


Entrepreneurs aren’t in it solely for the money. Although that may be an additional bonus, the real benefit is doing what they adore. Establishing a business necessitates a lot of time as well as effort. It necessitates putting in longer hours in addition to doing a lot more work. If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re not going to want to do what it takes in order to attain success. Entrepreneurs aren’t scared of hard work as they are so focused on their dream as well as their vision. They don’t give up when a challenge comes to pass. They keep with their passion and see it through to completion.


Entrepreneurs are people who are committed to their work. These people don’t rely on a manager or colleague in order to push them towards what they want to achieve or to get their work done. Their drive comes from within themselves and permits them to motivate others in turn. Entrepreneurs know how to communicate their dream as well as inspire others to join them on their journey to attaining it.

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When you’re beginning, it can seem as if getting your company off the ground will never take place. However, entrepreneurs don’t have these types of thoughts. They are optimistic regarding the future and are constantly looking ahead. To be an entrepreneur who is successful, you need to be goal-oriented. However, it’s not enough to just set goals. It is necessary to make a plan and do everything you can in order to reach those goals. Everything you do must have a purpose.


Entrepreneurs don’t think in the same manner that everyone else does. They see the world differently and, in addition, they think outside the box. Businesses are constructed on big ideas. Those big ideas need to be generated from a position of creativity, from a manner of thinking which is different from everyone else’s thinking. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways of doing things as well as how they can make them better. These people aren’t satisfied with the status quo. By being creative, they devise ideas which change the world.


Risk-taking is a given when you’re starting up a new business. However, taking risks shouldn’t frighten you. It’s necessary to reach your goals, and successful entrepreneurs realise this. If you’re afraid to take the leap, you won’t get anywhere. Remaining complacent will never allow you to attain greatness. Entrepreneurs don’t let uncertainty as well as potential failure stop them from doing what is required to be done. Instead, entrepreneurs look at challenges and risks as opportunities and not as problems.

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