Why mobile advertising is still growing

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Here’s a crazy stat from earlier in 2020: A whopping 94% of marketing professionals (of 596 EMEA marketing respondents to a recent Mobile Marketing Association survey) believe that mobile advertising is definitely a highly-effective addition to any marketing mix. This in itself is evidence of the mobile takeover that is happening in the marketing and advertising world, as COVID-19 and globe-wide lockdowns forced people indoors and onto their mobile devices to pass the time. So, here are four more reasons why mobile advertising is still growing – and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon:

Budgets are down, but mobile isn’t

The recent pandemic and national shutdowns spelt disaster for third-party marketing professionals. Advertising budgets were the first things to be cut in the name of short-term overhead reduction. However, mobile will continue to be the fastest-growing advertising channel. This implies that, while budgets have been significantly reduced, what little money is being thrown at marketing is going to mobile advertising.

Mobile now takes 25% of spend

Nearly half – 49% to be exact – of interviewed marketing professionals indicated that they are spending more than 25% of their allocated marketing budget on mobile advertising. This is significantly higher than what advertisers were spending on mobile a mere five years ago, and evidence suggests that this figure of 25% is only going to grow as the global economy recovers and budgets start to normalise.

The rise of the video content king

For at least a decade, marketers and advertisers have agreed: content is king. This still rings true today, however, the definition of content is constantly being expanded to include more formats of content. For example, before video content, all content was either text, image, or audio (in very few cases). Today, there’s a new king on the block, and his name is video. Budgets will be focused on mobile video campaigns more and more in coming years – especially as 5G has rolled out across the globe.

Mobile display marketing on the rise

48% of marketers believe that, by 2025, mobile-based branded content (like display marketing content) will be their main focus. Also, 47% of marketers feel that this type of mobile advertising is vitally important in 2020 and moving into 2021. Researchers already see evidence of this, with mobile display ads being used in more than 25% of ad campaigns across the board.

As humanity moves farther and farther into the age of more digital, we’re becoming more reliant on our personal devices to manage our lives and allow us to perform actions we thought impossible a mere decade ago (think augmented reality).

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