Why Is Digital Transformation Not Only About Technology?

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It seems to be a slight contradiction, to claim that digital transformation has very little to do with technological improvements within the organisation. Don’t get us wrong, digitalisation cannot take place without technology, but technology on its own will not lead to successful and effective digital transformation. This article takes a look at three critical changes that must take place OTHER than the introduction of new technologies for effective digital transformation, and three solid pointers for facilitating a winning digital transformation strategy in your organisation:

It’s About Shifting Mindsets

You can pimp out the technological aspects of your business until you’re blue in the face. Still, it won’t mean anything for digital transformation if your staff – those who will be required to use the technology – don’t embrace it entirely. This can only happen through thorough education, where the organisation as a whole is one the same page in terms of why transformation is necessary, what the benefits are for all, and how their adoption of digitalisation will improve the business.

 It’s About Better Leadership

Staff will drive digital transformation through adoption on the ground level, but they will look to organisational leaders for insight and guidance. For this reason, leaders must recognise the benefits of embracing digital in business – and set a good example for employees. Digital business practices are driven by technology, but people are the driving force behind the transformation. Motivated, inspired workers – who see how easy digital adoption can be – will ensure an organisation’s digital transformation success.

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It’s About Shifting Behaviours

Digital transformation touches each and every area of a business, especially when it comes to day-to-day activities. A technological framework to support digital transformation is only going to reach its full potential if all in the business adapt their behaviours to embrace it. It’s as simple as voice recording Monday morning meetings and making the recordings available to staff on a local business network, or letting select staff work from home and patch into meetings virtually.

Tips For Successful Digital Transformation

  • Form and convey a clear vision of how you see your organisation evolving with the digital times, and let everyone know about it.
  • Identify key change drivers who are passionate enough about digital business processes to get the whole team excited about transformation.
  • Introduce educational materials that show all organisational stakeholders the benefits of digital transformation adoption.

It’s clear to see that true organisational digital transformation involves more than just technology. It’s about shifting the mindsets of the leaders who drive the transformation, and about altering the behaviours of employees to embrace digital solutions.

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